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Squire Patton Boggs leisurewear is an actual thing

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You can also purchase footballs, tote bags and 100 meters of the international outfit’s personalised satin ribbon

Squire Patton Boggs clothing

The reason you’ll rarely hear ‘branded’ and ‘leisurewear’ in the same sentence in corporate law circles is, hopefully, fairly obvious (clue: it rarely ends well).

Take Squire Patton Boggs (SPB) for example. The international law firm is flogging a range of brightly coloured t-shirts featuring its logo — front and back — via its online store.

T-shirts Squire Patton Boggs

If that wasn’t enough, the US-headquartered global outfit has also stuck its branding on tote bags, bandanas, polo shirts and baseball caps.


The more sports-minded fans of SPB are also well catered for, with branded footballs, golf balls and drinks bottles.

Squire Patton Boggs football

Looking for 100 meters of satin ribbon and have a budget of £31.90? Well don’t panic, the firm has got you covered there, too!

Squire Patton Boggs ribbon

This, however, isn’t the first time a law firm has dabbled in corporate clobber. Earlier this summer, Legal Cheek brought you the fashion stylings of Womble Bond Dickinson in the form of its new branded fleece gilet. Available through its US ‘Team Store’ (strapline: ‘Telling our brand’s story through amazing products’), the outfit will also happily sell you, among other things, branded tea bags.

Womble Bond Dickinson Tea Bags

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JD Partner

That ribbon will come in handy!


Thought Womble was selling weed there for a minute






Pathetic work, pathetic pay, pathetic firm.



Actually Patton Boggs is an elite law firm.


And a top ‘outfit’.


Patton Boggs was an elite firm but not “Squire” Patton Boggs…. they just wanted the name. It’s very petty now.

Jog on LC you kunts

Nice hatchet job, LC. If you weren’t lacking both nutsacks and brain stems, you’d know that law firm branded products are a norm at all City firms, including the MC. Nothing to see here.


Yeah, obviously branded stuff is normal, but I have never encountered a firm that actually tries to SELL it. This is pretty funny imo.

Formerly employed

Nepotism runs wild at this shop. Old boys get rewarded and others get the shaft.


What on earth does this mean? How can nepotism possibly effect you as a trainee or junior associate.



JD Partner

I like giving the shaft. All 10in of it. Ooh baby yeah

JD Trainee

10in. Lol. I think you’ve added a 0 where it doesn’t belong.


What about one of the current trainees who happens to be the daughter of the managing partner?

Curious George

Which SPB office?


Agree with the old boys get rewarded and everybody else gets shafted comment


Genuine question, who wears this stuff? Do you give it to your kids or what?


The day these are worn in an armed robbery will be hilarious.

No doubt DWF will follow suit – I’ve always fancied a pink (oh, sorry “rubine red”) t shirt with DFS, oh again sorry “DWF”, all over it.



It is magenta!!!!

Andy L


There’s some truly awful swivel-eyed types working at this shop who will backstab you moment they can and think nothing of it. Favouritism runs rampant and morbidly obese partners strut around thinking they’re a big deal when in reality they drive into the City in a tired old VW and haven’t brought a new client in for years. Can’t wait to leave


Agreed, especially in certain teams


Which ones? London?

Res @ Dorsia

Where will you leave to?


Agreed as well


What’s the nq pay at SPB?


Not near enough! Same work and long hours as other city law firms but paid roughly 2/3 the rate

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