ULaw appoints ex-Supreme Court president Lord Neuberger as chancellor

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He stepped down from the UK’s top bench last year

Former Supreme Court president Lord Neuberger has been appointed the new chancellor of The University of Law (ULaw).

The law school giant confirmed this morning that Neuberger’s new role will see him represent the university and provide professional and academic insight as an expert in the legal world. Students will also get a chance to meet the man himself, with ULaw confirming that the former Supreme Court supremo will preside over graduation ceremonies and formally award degrees to graduates.

Neuberger succeeds CMS partner Dame Fiona Woolf who was appointed as inaugural chancellor of ULaw in 2013. Woolf served as the Lord Mayor of London between 2013–14 and is a former president of the Law Society of England and Wales.

Commenting on the big name appointment, professor Andrea Nollent, vice-chancellor and CEO of ULaw, said: “I am honoured to welcome Lord Neuberger as our Chancellor. His exceptional experience and exemplary career will provide inspiration to our students.” She continued:

“The University of Law is delighted to benefit from the tremendous knowledge and experience that Lord Neuberger has developed and applied throughout his career. We are also deeply grateful to Dame Fiona Woolf for her inspiration and guidance over the last five years. At The University of Law we are wholly committed to improving and broadening outcomes for our students, through our academic offer and expert leadership. Under Lord Neuberger’s chancellorship, we will further develop our position within the education sector to benefit both our students and our professional partners.”

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Neuberger has shown no signs of slowing down since stepping away from the Supreme Court spotlight.

Legal Cheek reported last November that the 70-year-old former barrister had joined One Essex Court as a commercial arbitrator. Widely considered to be part of the bar’s answer to the magic circle, the London set specialises in areas including commercial litigation, banking and company law. Several months later, Neuberger revealed he was hitting the road and paying visits to some of the country’s state schools and non-Russell Group universities to encourage students to apply for training contracts and pupillages.

And who can forget Neuberger’s spell as London cabbie? Yes, that’s right, his Lordship was even on hand earlier this year to ensure we made it to our glitzy awards ceremony on time.

A celebration event to formally welcome Neuberger into his new role at ULaw will be held later in the year.

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That’s awesome news!


Random passer-by

This is actually a big win for U of Law. They are making themselves more legitimate as a law school with such appointments. Of course they can’t compete with regards to undergrad education, but in terms of graduate and professional qualifications, this is a good move in securing their place in the market nationally and globally. Much better than that glass battery farm BPP.



Apart from collect vastly inflated wages and turn up graduations twice a year, what practical purpose do chancellors actually serve?



Chancellors usually aren’t paid, I believe, it’s one of those ceremonial roles for people who are already rich and well-connected to award each other.

It’s the vice-chancellors who actually (arguably) run the place and collect obscene salaries.



He is cute.

Not as cute as that Miss Huddersfield lass from the other thread though. Phwoar, she is a bit of crumpet and a half.



Totally mate.

I once knew a beautiful woman like that. I hired a yacht in Sarinia and took a beautiful young lady out to sea. She was half Iranian and half Italian, a melting pot of beauty. She took off her bathing suit to expose her perfect bronze skin and she began to play Vivaldi on the violin. It was the most beautiful sight you could imagine.

I was eating a Twix at the time. Still my favourite chocolate bar.



And then what happened when you woke up?



Checked a map to find Sarinia, found it didn’t exist. The end.



I monstrously shit myself. Explosive diarrhoea right in the bed.



I was high when I wrote that.

I woke up to find out that I lost £650 playing roulette online.

F*ck my life.


Barry from the local

I’d certainly give her a good walloping



I hope he doesn’t want Law graduates to do the LPC and then become paralegals instead of solicitors now?

Or is he just a mascot to make gullible students part with their hard earned cash from summer work at uni?


Embittered BPTCer

A famous name to lure people to their career-deaths.









Nice to see you’ve picked up the pieces of your shattered career mate! Only joking you Bell! Meet me and mancealot for 20 pints later!



Isn’t a university Chancellor a ceremonial role? At my previous university the Vice Chancellor managed everything and the Chancellor just shook everybody’s hand at graduation. In fact our Chancellor is more of a famous person rather than an academic.


BPTC student

“the bar’s answer to the magic circle” — what the actual fcuk, Tommy?



He would have been better off taking a job at McDonalds flipping burgers…



Massive sell out. This is clearly an institution whose first loyalty is to its investors not its students. So disappointing. Of course he is taking a wedge of cash for this – it’s hardly a prestigious position. Ridiculous when the guy is already raking it in from arbitrating. I genuinely find this completely disappointing.


ULaw shareholder




Like it or not Ulaw is now one of the country’s biggest undergraduate law schools and their two year law degrees are one of the cheapest ways to become a lawyer. Why not get a big name figurehead? He’s doing more use here than he would be at some Oxbridge college


New Burger LJ (with fries)

I’m back, friends!



Very impressive


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