You can now teach your children the ABCs of law

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From A is for attorney to Z is for zealous advocacy

L is for Law

When it comes to children’s books, you won’t find many (or any at all) gracing the shelves of your law school library. Enter L is for Law — a new picture book aimed at demystifying legal concepts for kids.

L is for Law is a colourful introduction to the language of law for children up to five-years-old. Written by Washington-based mother-of-one Veronica Goodman, the book features a legal term for each letter of the alphabet. What better way to prep your budding baby barristers!

What brings the 32-page book to life is the playful and charming illustrations by designer and illustrator Nicole Jones Sturk. We reckon the child-friendly drawings such as ‘D is for Damages’ are a foolproof way to entertain parents and their children alike.

Some very relatable parent-child experiences also make an appearance.

Explaining her motivation behind the picture book, Goodman, who has also authored E is for Economics, told Legal Cheek:

“I’m not trying to inspire an army of two-year-old lawyers — although toddlers can be very persuasive! I wrote the book to give lawyer parents and their children a new and entertaining way to connect and spend time with each other, while also teaching an important concept — the alphabet.”

This isn’t the first legal-themed children’s book to hit shelves.

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The Supreme Court: A guide for bears is the work of court artist and bear-lover Isobel Williams. The short picture book serves as an easy-to-read introduction to the Supreme Court and its function, told with the help of cuddly teddies.

Cuddly toys aside but sticking with the UK’s top court, Lady Hale could soon be the subject of a new children’s book, thanks to a summer crowdfunding appeal. The book, Judge Brenda: Equal to Everything, tells the story of a girl brought up in the North Yorkshire countryside who went on to become president of the Supreme Court, the most senior judge in the country. Backed by Legal Action Group (LAG), the crowdfuding appeal has so far raised over £11,500.

L is for Law is available to purchase on and for download on Kindle.



So disgusting, yet still something to be curious about?


Sally from Accounts

I’d take a look if I had the chance. As you say, just curiosity mainly.






I do hope Judge Brenda will be prescreened by the Thought Police to ensure only pol-cor compliant content is fed to our children!



Is that Washington, Tyne and Wear or Washington, West Sussex?


H is for Harley, Lord

H is for Harley, “My Lord” to the masses.

He’s got such good eyesight he doesn’t need glasses.

A wonderful lawyer, Mozart of Courtrooms. Round his opponent’s submissions he whizzes and zooms.

With a velvety voice and the finest of brains, in his spare time he plays with toy trains.

A Doctor, a Judge and a Plumber to boot, the SRA try to relive him of loot.

A wig on his head and a gown on his back, he looks like a shaven Giant Haystacks.

No finer advocate will you ever find….

It’s a pity that it’s all in his own mind!



Blacker downvoted you twice.





Ciaran Goggins

As any fule kno Z is for Zygote when dealing with biological legal concepts.



P is for Prohibited Steps Order, which requires me not to read this dreary book to you at bedtime…



D is for Don’t At Any Costs Become a Lawyer, the best advice for any kids.



M is for MoneyLaw
K is for Katie King



Good, maybe the LC staff can use it to learn some



You can always ask your mother?



Why was my comment deleted? Fascists, the lot of you.



A is for anti,
B is for bribery,
C is for corruption,
D is for don’t do it.


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