Aspiring barrister’s pet pug celebrates call day wearing his own special wig and gown

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This is not a drill!

Lily Roberts-Phelps with her pet pug Reggie. Image credit: @lilyrpx

An aspiring barrister brought her beloved pet pooch along to her call ceremony last week — and yes, he wore his own special wig and gown to mark the occasion.

Taking to Twitter, Lily Roberts-Phelps posted an image of herself standing outside Inner Temple having just been called to the bar of England and Wales. Thanking friends and family for their love and support, the KCL grad can be seen clutching her furry four-legged pet pug, Reggie.

Keen to ensure Reggie was suitably dressed for the occasion, Phelps’ loved ones had a special wig, gown and bands created for him so he could match his proud owner. Her tweet has racked up nearly 3,000 likes in just a few days:

The 2019 BPTC Most List

Phelps — who studied the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) at BPP — told Legal Cheek that Reggie had to wait in a nearby pub while she attended the ceremony at Temple Church, but got a “great reception” when he arrived later that evening for photographs.

Reggie is by no means the first pet to wear legal garb. In recent years Legal Cheek has brought you collections of our favourite dogs and cats dressed up as lawyers.

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Oh, please.



🎶And they called it…


Now I guess she’ll never know….🎶



I hate dogs. Horrible little things.



I hate your mum too.



People like you need to jump into the ocean and gtf.



I hate dogs too. Time for a £5,000 annual licence, compulsory leashes in public places and a lifetime ban for any keeper of a mutt that is out of control. Also a lifetime ban for any owner found not picking up their dog’s crap and not disposing it properly, i.e. not hanging bags of dog shit on trees and fences.

Dogs and their mess are a public nuisance.


Pug lover

So cute! Thanks for the inspo – I’m going to do the same when my call comes around 🙂


KCL Student

poly on the strand



Attention seeker.



Ok this is pretty cute.


Non-celebrity barrister

Oh no!

Not another wannabe celebrity Barrister!

It never ends well…



But does she have a pupillage?

If not, this sort of publicity could be off-putting at most sets.


Bare years PQE Sol

Agree, embaressing. 11/10 would not brief…



Just as embarrassing as your inability to spell?



No, more.


Goodboy QC

But does she have a puppyllage?

If not, this sort of publicity could be off-ruffing at most sets.





The Antiproudman

Stunning picture.


the iPuffin

Alex you should be working





Rude git

They’re both dogs tbf.



I thought that barristers with long hair were expected to tie it in a ponytail when wearing a wig, and that to wear their hair down with the wig means that they are improperly dressed.

Am I mistaken?



Spot on


Lady Hale

Wrong actually



No, this is not correct. You often see women with their hair down under the wig.



Took dog instead of boyfriend?



Actually boyfriend came too. Here I am!



You must be content to play 2nd fiddle to a pug. Brave.



Ahhh I don’t mind so much. He’s a good lad.


JD Partner

The threesomes must be interesting


Developing a taste for dog biryani..

Kim Wrong Un

Kim Jong Style?

5 puppy buildings

Oh chihuaua. You’ve been collared, this is just pup-licity to help get a puppy-llage. She must be barking mad.



She’ll fit in well then with most barristers.



“Please give us an example of an occasion where you demonstrated insight…”



I really expected this to be ‘closed for comments’!



They’ve been furiously deleting comments. No harsh banter allowed for this snowflake.



Hair tied back, only in court I think you will find. Seems lots of people lack a sense of humour me thinks.


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