‘It’ll leave you dead inside!’ New pop song warns students not to become lawyers

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Catchy careers advice courtesy of US musical comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

A group of musically talented TV stars have produced a foot-tappingly good pop track warning of the perils of pursuing a career in the legal profession.

The track, Don’t be a lawyer, features in the latest season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a US romantic musical comedy-drama following the exploits of Harvard-educated property lawyer Rebecca Bunch.

In this latest 90s inspired musical offering, one of the show’s characters, Jim, dishes out some “free advice” for those “decidin’ what to do for a livin'”. Cue the catchy chorus:

“Don’t be a lawyer!
Don’t do it! Quickest way to ruin your life
Don’t be a lawyer!
Not worth it! It’ll leave you dead inside”

The song continues, claiming that life as a lawyer is “inherently crappy” and a “guaranteed soul destroyer”, while your “law school debt” will become a “daily regret”. It goes on:

“Your only expertise
Is runnin’ up fees
Speakin’ legalese like a dick
But it’s not too late
To avoid this fate
Find any other job to pick”

The show, now in its fourth and final season, has been a major hit across the pond, and has won critical acclaim for its fresh musical approach to sensitive issues such as mental health and sexuality.

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