Law student dresses up as Spider-Man to accept his degree

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Grad says superhero stunt was to show that not all aspiring lawyers are ‘square’

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University graduation ceremonies are, more often than not, long, drawn-out tedious affairs. Numerous speeches, itchy gowns, and a seemingly never-ending roll call can put a dampener on the celebratory atmosphere.

Enter 22-year-old law graduate Hiram Yahir Salas Romero. The aspiring lawyer, who studied at The Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez in northern Mexico, broke with dress code protocol when he decided to attend his ceremony dressed as Spider-Man.

According to reports, the ceremony had a strict dress code that required students to wear dark formal suits, white shirts and shoes. However, Romero concealed his superhero outfit under his suit and made a beeline for toilets to change before taking to the stage.

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So what was the thinking behind the Spider-Man attire? Well, Romero later claimed it was an attempt to challenge the stereotype that law students are “too square”.

His Spidey stunt didn’t go down well with everyone. As he walked onto the stage, the master of ceremonies reminded everyone of the “solemnity” of the event — a move which received “several boos” from those in attendance.

Romero — who posed for selfies with other students as he made his way back to his seat — said:

“None of the authorities said anything. They just looked at me unhappily. I don’t remember if the rector said anything, but I think I got a smile out of him.”

Continuing, the grad said that he took inspiration from the Spider-Man character because he is a “human with problems but also with the desire to help people with his special powers and intellect.”

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Banta Claus



…and not all will get a training contract.



I preferred it when Tyson Fury dresses as Batman.



What a fruitcake



Love it. Not a boring pr*ck like most trainees these days.



What a two-hat



“white shirts and shoes”

White shoes? World’s gone mad.



Good lad. He looks like he is varying his trousers in the photo.


Fruity JD Partner

*Heavy grunts*…*strained wheeze*

He’d better get used to that suit – HR, send him an offer immediately.



Bet he can’t walk past a hat stand without trying one on.


Hello, darling

It is said that this bloke recently rejected a TC offer from Dechert






What a nerd.



Spent my uni days slinging web as well.


Bantz & Co LLC

Top bantz, hear hear



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Never been near a woman in his life.



Ha ha hahahaha
Twat !



Not all aspiring lawyers are ‘square’ … but some are definitely tiresome twats.


Deed U No

Never fear, spidey’s here .


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