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The top legal affairs news stories from the weekend

“We are now entering the moment of crisis”: Boris calls on May to “stand up to EU bullies” as she “pulls the plug on agreed Brexit deal amid fears Cabinet would reject it” [Mail Online]

Anjem Choudary to be subjected to most stringent living conditions ever placed on a British citizen [The Telegraph]

Women’s groups claim “silencing” on transgender law concerns [The Observer]

Legal battles of Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans cost taxpayers £500,000 [Metro]

Judge told young girl “I don’t care if you’re 14, you’ll go into a cell” if she cried while her mother gave evidence during a trial [Mail Online]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Knife law that meant thugs using weapons on private property could not be prosecuted is changed after loophole is spotted by MPs [The Sun]

Fracking to start in Lancashire as legal challenge fails [BBC News]

Tiffany tiff: Beautician threatened with legal action by Tiffany & Co [BBC News]

Ashers Christian couple say four year legal battle was worth it [Premier]

Eve Was Shamed: ‘How British Justice Is Failing Women’ by Helena Kennedy review — a fiercely critical eye [The Guardian]

Law student sought for freelance social media officer role [Legal Cheek Noticeboard]

“Unpopular opinion: the Secret Barrister is actually quite irritating.” [Legal Cheek Comments]

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