Solicitor who told SRA to shove costs bill up its ‘arse’ is struck off

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Luke Venton also sent expletive-filled emails to former colleagues and a recruitment agency

A solicitor who sent “abusive” and “threatening” emails to the regulator, former colleagues and a recruitment firm has been struck off the roll.

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) heard how Luke Stephen Venton also held convictions for drink driving, possession of cannabis and possession of a fixed blade in public. The 39-year-old, who hasn’t worked as a solicitor since 2015, was accused of failing to notify the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) of his first two convictions.

The SRA emailed Venton in late 2014 to inform him he had been fined £500, plus an additional £600 in charges, following a disciplinary decision. Responding, Venton reportedly wrote:

“[Y]ou can stick your adjudication invoice up you’re [sic] a**e you f*****g w****r — Regards Luke.”

Having received a further email from the SRA warning him about his use of colourful language, Venton replied:

“Here’s another one for you, you f*****g bent c**t(s). The SRA will never regulate me and that is it. If you send me an Adjudication Invoice it will be binned like the rest of the paperwork and not even read. F*****g w****r — f**k off! Regards Luke.”

The SRA continued to receive emails from Venton, however, on this occasion, it opted to take no further action.

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The SDT also heard how Venton had targeted a number of ex-colleagues with similar sweary emails. In one to a lawyer, he said: “You dirty stinking c**ts”, while in another Venton wrote:

“You and your lot are outright f*****g criminals — absolute disgrace to the human race and you [obscured by hole punch] of s**t. Don’t ever cross my path. You lot are too old. Regards Luke.”

In another email to recruitment company, Venton said: “F**k off you fat b***h. Get your pennies from someone else. I have left legal practise [sic]. Regards Luke.”

Venton told the tribunal he had been trying to move away from the Exmouth area and after securing his training contract he had got in with the “wrong crowd in the profession”. He also revealed he had suffered from “moderate” depression, but was on a programme of medication and had been all clear since 2015.

The tribunal described the content of the emails as “offensive, insulting and threatening” and noted that “no member of the public would expect a solicitor to send such emails in a personal or professional capacity”. It further noted Venton had been convicted of three criminal offences between 2014 and 2017 and that he had sent “unacceptable correspondence” over a period of several months.

The judgment continues: “[Venton’s] motivation for the conduct was not clear to the tribunal and the conduct resulting in the convictions did not appear to be planned. However the unacceptable correspondence appeared to be more planned than spontaneous.”

The tribunal ordered Venton be struck off the roll and pay costs of £7,000.

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Top lad.



The young gammon in the photograph looks like he’s just had something shoved up his arse.

Is he from the SRA?



No, he’s a junior barrister doing what is expected of junior barristers by older married with children silks.



I am sorry, why is this post not censored when it uses the racist slur word ‘gammon’? Are some sorts of racisms all right around here, is that it?



Gammon isn’t a race’s a condition… you can be any ethnicity and gammon



If you look up any definition of the word you’ll realise how wrong you are.


I thought it was a sexual orientation!


As white men are inherently in a position of
power, it’s not an issue to take a pop at them, including with reference to their colour.

Get woke, brosephine


Fair play to him, pretty much tells it how it is. Venton for Prime Minister, he’d do a much better job than May.



don’t even joke mate, that’s how they got trump over in the usa



And he’s doing a fine job over there. Stock market at all time high, unemployment at all time low. Making America great again.







Why was the gammon comment deleted?????



Because it’s a racial slur for white English male.



No it’s not. It is a slur for a person holding a particular viewpoint. It is no more racist than calling you a disgusting ignorant bigot.



Hahaha. Is it fk ?!



The legal profession, (or its practitioners), seem to have sliden downhill since responsibility for their conduct was removed from The Law Society, to this new body. That’s been my feeling for years, and this chap’s behavior seems to prove it.



Using “you’re” instead of “your” is on its own prima facie grounds for striking off.



Quite funny how he signed off each email with ‘Regards’ – nice to know we have some etiquette in the world 🙂




Fuck you.

I remain your humble and obedient servant,



Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter telling me to “fuck you”.

In response, I propose to help myself to a larger wedge of your hard earned cash.

I therefore enclose my invoice for costs in the sum of £7,000.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Yours faithfully,




Good of him to put stars instead of the middle letters of the offending words too.


Joker's Hand

Seems to me Venton’s been striking off along wrong paths for a while.
Only appropriate that he be branded “struck off”… you could say he was on a Roll.



He said what needed to be said. The SRA are a defunct organisation that needs to be dismantled. Enough false striking offs since the last ten years…!! SOD the SRA. End of Story.



You could say he just wanted to VENTON his feelings

waka waka waka






Seems like a nice man if you ask me.



Two sides to every story.



Just like my bottom



I wonder what he’ll tell them to do with the £7k cost bill….



20 LAD points.

Zero sense points.


Bantz, Lmao & Co. LLP

“You dirty stinking c**ts”

This man is such a poet, 10/10.



Well, he is only saying what the rest of us think.



I wonder if the SRA have a tariff for abusive words?



The published judgment makes interesting reading. Seems like his local area is filled with characters. Not sure the relevancy of a lot of the points he made in respect of the allegations against him though.



Imagine not getting a training contract because mate Venton got it…



I thought that too!! How, to use his preferred language, the FUCK did someone like that get a TC while I’m over here literally and figuratively busting my balls and can’t even get into a fucking assessment centre.


Not a Russian bot

Jesus Christ! Venton!



I like turtles



I caannt spaaake. The SRA you gutless ****

Kind regards


Lord Harley of counsel

Seems sensible to me.


Legal Recruiter

Guess there are two sides. He was very polite when he told us. Perhaps everyone else caught him on a bad day.

The video of the bladed article offence is interesting however and he breached his community order:



Absolute banter demon.



Love the fact as soon as he told them to fuck off they instantly retreated into their shell and took no further action.

That’s what happens when you stand up to bullies!!



Yes, I noticed that. I liked their reply saying that they wouldn’t take any further action on this occasion. They are such a bag of sh*te.


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