DWF to offer earn-while-you-learn solicitor apprenticeships

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Rookies rotate through eight seats as part of intense training programme

DWF’s London office (Walkie-Talkie building)

Manchester-headquartered firm, DWF, is the latest law firm to start offering solicitor apprenticeships alongside its tried-and-tested paralegal programme.

Already a feature of the likes of Burges Salmon, Eversheds Sutherland, Dentons and even magic circler, Freshfields, since May of this year, DWF’s new programme will take A-level students on a five-year journey through eight seats (of either six or nine months) in the firm’s corporate, litigation and insurance practices whilst they study for an LLB.

Five wannabe lawyers in London, Milton Keynes, Liverpool and Manchester will train with DWF right up to solicitor qualification. After the first three years the apprentices join the trainee cohort and will then qualify as solicitors in 2023. Training is being provided by BPP University and these budding lawyers will get the equivalent of one study day each week.

DWF will offer starting salaries of £16,500 for apprentices outside London and £19,500 for those in the capital, with reviews each year.

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DWF’s existing paralegal apprenticeship scheme was launched in 2016 and has seen 47 apprentices come through the scheme with training also provided by BPP University. 83% are still with DWF.

Florence Van Schependom-Brown, resourcing and talent acquisition manager at DWF, explained the rationale behind the new scheme. It offers “a variety of options …[which] ensure that we can continue to recruit from a wide and diverse pool of talent and play our part in reducing barriers to entry and improving social mobility within the profession.” She added:

“This new apprenticeship offering will be an incredibly valuable addition to our wider apprenticeship programme, and our first apprentices have already shown real drive and commitment.”

DWF has expanded rapidly and globally in recent years with mergers and acquisitions with firms in Germany, France and beyond, and is rumoured to be considering flotation on the London Stock Exchange, with a potential listing value of £600 million.

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Boiler room, u have no idea…



No u have no idea…



What’s an idea?



Im hungry, help



ive worked for 120 hours last week, plz help mi


my firm’s name is well suited to this sort of btanz

Doesn’t F*cking Work

“£19,500 for those in the capital”

Wow what dolla! Such dosh!!!! A pay packet worthy of a top notch firm like DWF

Andy Leatherbantz obviously needs to save up for another Bentley Continental GT



Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that £19,500 pa while studying for an LLB? Doesn’t that beat not getting paid at all for a regular LLB by a long way? What am I missing?



A brain?



More exploitation of idealistic young people.

It’s outrageous and shouldn’t be allowed.



Why apply for an apprenticeship when you can train at Dechart and become a fully-fledged city lad.



Sure, keep on snobbing a firm which pays £100,000 it’s NQs…

Which is, of course, more than any MC firm currently pays.



LMAO u ok



Which is why it’s a lad firm. It may not be a top, top titan but it’s a top salary.


LGBT Lesley

Hopefully they give at least 25% of these apprenticeships to LGBT persons.


LGBT Lesley

What are you trying to say?


LGBT Lesley

Thumbs down for your comment.



Considering whether to report you.


LGBT Susan

Do it you traitor.


Pretty good scheme but is there a tie-in period?



Meanwhile here I am, nq lawyer, sitting on the DWF shiny London traps, shooting shit out of my asshole, shirking work as much as I can, getting paid big money, arriving at 10 leaving at 5, life is good, so good, oh yeah



Don’t forget to mention you are doing CSR stuff to avoid fee earning during that time.



LOL. Such a big City mega lad!



Tbh this actually sounds like a good deal, even if dwf only pays NQs like £60k



So a training contract with a different title that allows them to pay less?



… resourcing and talent acquisition manager




Once a chinny always a chinny as my boss liked to say.


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