Ferrari-toting barrister sparks LinkedIn beef

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Social media star Sham Uddin dismisses “haters” after video promoting chambers provokes LinkedIn comments storm

Sham Uddin – image credit: Sham Uddin (LinkedIn)

One of social media’s most colourful lawyers faces a backlash after using a Ferrari to promote his new barristers’ chambers. Birmingham-based Sham Uddin, whose post went viral on professional networking site LinkedIn this week, has even threatened a critical fellow solicitor with referral to the regulator.

In a 36-second video shared to his LinkedIn page (embedded below), Uddin is seen driving a flash Ferrari into a courtyard outside his new chambers in Birmingham, which he then announces will open later this year. Uddin, a lawyer at Hamstead Law Practice, is known for his eccentric posts and enjoys a large following on LinkedIn. His latest video has racked up over 65,000 views and almost 400 comments.

It’s safe to say that the clip has been met with mixed reactions. Some were impressed by the Ferrari:

And others thought it a canny marketing tactic:

But some felt that rocking up in a sports car lacked lawyerly gravitas:

And more were confused about the actual purpose of the Ferrari in advertising the new office:

One commenter, a partner at a London firm, even went as far as calling Uddin a “moron” who “should be put out of business completely”. In response, Uddin denounced the comment as “unbecoming of a solicitor” and threatened to report the matter to the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Uddin declined to confirm to Legal Cheek whether he actually made the complaint.

In a subsequent post, Uddin revealed that he drives the Ferrari in his spare time — swapping it for a Range Rover during the working day. He explained that “I give every single one of my clients service like driving and owning a Ferrari and a Range. One vehicle works hard and the other one plays hard”.

Uddin, who describes himself as a “Bengal tiger”, seemingly took all criticism in his stride. Commenting below the video, he says that the negative reactions were actually outweighed by the positive — revealing that he has since made 350 new LinkedIn connections.

He made light of the backlash in another post which shows him in handcuffs, “busted by the FBI for driving a Ferrari in an advert for my chambers”.

Uddin has since released another video for the “people that were offended by the Ferrari” that parodies the original advert — replacing the slick sports car with a Toyota Aygo.

When asked for comment by Legal Cheek, Uddin responded:

“I love all my haters. My first girlfriend hated me before she became my girlfriend. Then, once she realised what a wonderful guy I was, she fell in love with me and realised it wasn’t hate after all — it was love.”



Wait… so his real name is actually ‘Sham’?

That’s so unfortunate and unexpected for someone whose LinkedIn profile lists his profession(s) as ‘Solicitor, Barrister, Share trader, Writer, Actor & presenter’.


the peoples sham

u show them haterz sham



Top bantz



Sham is actually an Indian name which means strong person. Very ignorant…


Eagle eyes

“One commenter, a partner at a London firm…” did you intentionally withhold his name then reveal his name in the same gif? Tremendous editing.



Not only that, but presumably we could just all go on LinkedIn and look at the chain of comments…



Colour is no issue at all throughout comments … ps I am Asian and he is disgrace to the profession but clearly you are one that tries the discrimination card always … have a good look at the very poor version of yourself



Why anyone would instruct him I’ll never know. His posts indicate that he deals with the most trivial cases imaginable and he is evidently more concerned with his own ego than anything else. If you tell thick people that you are the best lawyer in the world and the police go running scared then they will believe you. I’d bet my life that he doesn’t own the Ferrari. Finally, doesn’t this remind you of Lord Harley?



Treat them as parody videos and you’ll have a chuckle. Start the weekend with a laugh.



If you do a DVLA check on the numberplate from the Ferrari (4UW), it comes back as a plate from a Range Rover. Uddin brags about driving a Range Rover in a different post. I can’t help but suspect that he has hired the Ferrari for the video and put his own plate on it (is that legal?). As someone else has pointed out, he boasts about the most trivial sounding cases and is instructed by comparatively lowly-sounding solicitors, so not terribly likely that really owns all these flash cars.



100% this. Everyone in Birmingham knows this showboating muppet is loud as a motorbike, but wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight.

The Ferrari was a rental, the Range Rover is a second-hand 2006 model with 180k miles on the clock.



Hello Sham’s mum.



Somebody email Greenberg Glusker



Just got your email. Happy to report that Mr Uddin has been invited to interview for partnership. He’s exactly the sort of tit we’re looking for at the ‘Berg.



*the sort of titan

Typo, my bad.




The handcuffs photo and commentary was awful banter. Painfully bad.


northern tornado

Stfu u shrimp or imma rek u



Keyboard tough guy alert!



Alan Partridge approved.



What a tit



Didn’t realise Range Rovers came in red and were so low to the ground…



Both are rentals. He’s just a showboater.



Such a shame he drives a ferrari but can’t dress to save his life. At least put a suit on if you want to appear flashy, kinda hard to scream luxury in a cheap hoody.



Hi Sham, nice of you to join us.


Doctor Doom

Spam, you mean.


Northern Monkey

The guy is a legend. All you posh pimple faced scroats wouldn’t know a decent person if he hit you in the face.

Also – the plate might show a Range Rover because it’s subject to a transfer. He did a video just a week before showing that he had just acquired the Ferrari, so there could be a million reasons.

The attitude in some of these comments is hilarious. He may only get instructed by small or medium firms. Who said that’s ever a barrier to making good money? For all you know his fees may not even be his main source of income? And you guys want to become lawyers … 😂🙄



“I keep telling people preparation preparation preparation to win in court. Over the Christmas holiday I went to my instructing solicitors office to help them prepare a case which I did not want to lose specially on the 2nd of January 2019 on my first working day back of the new year. Myself and my instructing solicitor Jawaad Ashraf at Sehgal & Co worked our heads off till late late at night for 3 days running. And today I went into court at 9:30am at Walsall County Court & came out at 4 PM my clients who are the owners of a freehold property had to fend off a complicated injunction application from a commercial tenant to be put back into the property and one judge made an order allowed the tenant back in few weeks ago and it was my view that judge was wrong when the order was initially granted and I got it overturned, and I am telling you it’s one of the best wins I’ve had in my career. That is the reason I drive a Ferrari in my spare time & Range during the working day because I give every single one of my clients service like driving & owning a Ferrari & a Range. One vehicle works hard and the other one plays hard. hashtag#business hashtag#service hashtag#ferrari hashtag#solicitors hashtag#rangerover hashtag#barrister hashtag#fish&chips for lunch”

This is outstanding comedy value.



I would love to read his diary. Bet it all reads along similar lines.



Why isn’t this written in English?



The SPG is awful!



I’m not sure what’s bigger, his head or his delusions.



I’d love to hear something from whoever gave this guy a pupillage. What the hell was wrong with you?!


Shame on Sham

Honestly same, I was thinking the exact same thing 🙄



this is troll bait



The comments are gonna be thick with heavy bantz. Love it



Wait for them to all disappear when LC receive the telephone complaint from Sham…



They already all did LMAO



LC let’s hear more about this guy’s inspiring story!

I’m particularly interested in his educational background and work experience as it was surprisingly absent from his LinkedIn profile. He must have some tales to tell about his training contract / pupillage, and some interesting anecdotes about his colleagues at the various firms and chambers over the years.

Let’s be positive and take the opportunity to learn here!


Miss World

I think this guy is wonderful he is sexy, intelligent and has a brilliant sense of humour & Beats the haters and the anonymous clowns in this comment section handsdown.



Hi Sham


Beauty queen

I think this guy is intelligent handsome and very very funny and he beats the haters hands down


Sham Wooding

Top top top top top



Is there a Specsavers near you?






Nail. Head.



U high already Sham?


Shammy’s Mammy

U OK, hun?


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