This solicitor has one of the best LinkedIn profiles we’ve ever seen

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By Katie King on

Sham Uddin even hosts his own comedy show

Legal Cheek has stumbled across the LinkedIn page of solicitor and barrister Sham Uddin, and we’re very glad we did.

A lawyer at Hamstead Law Practice in Birmingham, Uddin delights his 500+ connections with a whole host of eccentric posts. Though we were spoiled for choice, we’ve picked out a few of our favourites below, like this candid admission about how it feels to have your heart broken:

Then there’s this:

It looks like even Donald Trump is a fan (NB Uddin is not actually suing him):

A record!

He buys a new car every decade, apparently.

That’s got to hurt…

And what’s a good LinkedIn profile without a few selfies?

When we got in touch with Uddin — whose practice areas span civil and criminal law — to ask him more about his crazy LinkedIn, he told us it started off as a bit of fun. He continued:

I found that once I started posting stuff, people liked it and were contacting me for legal advice. I have a Facebook page too, and just half an hour ago someone contacted me for legal advice and told me they’d come across me on Facebook.

Uddin told us he’s also the host of a new TV programme called If you don’t mind. The entertainment show has aired on NTV Europe, a broadcaster which trumpets it support “for the Bangladeshi community worldwide”, but will now be shown on Channel i.

Uddin — who says he has been approached by two publishers to write a book — is not the only lawyer to make a splash on LinkedIn. In January, we flagged up criminal barrister Dominic D’Souza’s profile, which featured more photos in nightclubs and motivational quotes than we could have ever dreamed of. And then there’s international lawyer Altaf Hussain, who uploaded a photo of himself doing the splits on the beach. God bless them all.

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