This solicitor has one of the best LinkedIn profiles we’ve ever seen

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Sham Uddin even hosts his own comedy show

Legal Cheek has stumbled across the LinkedIn page of solicitor and barrister Sham Uddin, and we’re very glad we did.

A lawyer at Hamstead Law Practice in Birmingham, Uddin delights his 500+ connections with a whole host of eccentric posts. Though we were spoiled for choice, we’ve picked out a few of our favourites below, like this candid admission about how it feels to have your heart broken:

Then there’s this:

It looks like even Donald Trump is a fan (NB Uddin is not actually suing him):

A record!

He buys a new car every decade, apparently.

That’s got to hurt…

And what’s a good LinkedIn profile without a few selfies?

When we got in touch with Uddin — whose practice areas span civil and criminal law — to ask him more about his crazy LinkedIn, he told us it started off as a bit of fun. He continued:

I found that once I started posting stuff, people liked it and were contacting me for legal advice. I have a Facebook page too, and just half an hour ago someone contacted me for legal advice and told me they’d come across me on Facebook.

Uddin told us he’s also the host of a new TV programme called If you don’t mind. The entertainment show has aired on NTV Europe, a broadcaster which trumpets it support “for the Bangladeshi community worldwide”, but will now be shown on Channel i.

Uddin — who says he has been approached by two publishers to write a book — is not the only lawyer to make a splash on LinkedIn. In January, we flagged up criminal barrister Dominic D’Souza’s profile, which featured more photos in nightclubs and motivational quotes than we could have ever dreamed of. And then there’s international lawyer Altaf Hussain, who uploaded a photo of himself doing the splits on the beach. God bless them all.

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They say ‘work in silence and let your success do the talking’. These lot are doing the exact opposite it seems.



‘This solicitor has one of the best LinkedIn profiles we’ve ever seen’

You obviously haven’t seen Charlotte Proudman’s then. Stunning photo…


Anon of 7

I’ve never understood linked in.
My main trouble professionally was keeping the masses of clients and stalking paparazzi away. Ergo ” linked in” and “best” seem to be oxymoronic.
And a lawyer who disembogues his love life in public…..


Doc. Heinrich Litevsky.

Sorry a psychiatrist can’t discuss individuals who are not our patients.


Jones Day Junior Associate

What a great example he sets. He does not “conform to the norm”. He is not afraid to be who he wants to be. He also has a nice smile, just like Katie. He will go far.



I think he needs to be very careful about describing himself as a barrister and solicitor. You can’t practise as both.



I’m suspicious about the barrister claim. BPTC grad maybe…


Anonymous 2

You can be qualified as both though and you’re well within your right to state as such if you are.



Here’s the jiggery-pokery:
If he doesn’t have a practising certificate from the Bar Council then he should describe himself as an unregistered barrister.
If, as seems to be the case, he’s carrying out reserved legal activities then he needs to have a butchers at the words “holding out” and “criminal offence.”
A bit of learning here:
No, really, my pleasure, Sham but someone’s probably reported you already 😳



I’m going to eat crow pie here because, appalling though it is, paragraph 8.6 saves him. That really needs amending.



Absolute amazing, very talented to be able to have such a successful barrister who is also a natural comedian. Well done and keep it up



Hi Sham!



Hi Clarissha



As a 90s kid, I see what you did there!



It’s all a sham


Anon of 7

I am both barrister and solicitor, but you can only have one regulator. It would be useful if there were any lawyers on this site



Good call on ruling yourself out …


In-house criminal barrister doing work well in excess of year of call.

I prefer quiet and successful anonymity.

Reputation can speak for itself without gimmicky and unprofessional self-promotion.



Sham and his two friends didn’t like your comment.


Lord Harley of Counsel

My LinkedIn profile was removed by them.

Truly shocking. As if I would make anything up.


'BPTC Grad'

BPTC Grad some dinners = barrister



Wrong. You cannot present yourself as a qualified barrister in a legal services context if you haven’t done pupillage.



Can’t imagine he’s doing himself any favours with this clownery. Better to pipe down and get in line.



What a beta cuck. Getting his heart broken, what a baby.



Very most Congratulation Sham Uddin ji !



Anyone who thinks this is a good profile needs their head examining.

Utterly embarrassing.


Alan Blacker

The King is dead.

Long live the King.


Anon of 7

How come nobody knows anything here unless they look it up?


Doc. Heinrich Litevsky.

Anon of 7. I see you’re new here. This site is open to the public. Any one can use what user name they like and pose as who they like. So what has transpired is a Grand Guignol of the psychiatric grotesque, or a Masque of Sanity. The LC team , well you can read yourself. And they purport to give legal career advice and believe there is such a thing as a good linked in. Hence no one knows anything here unless they look it up. I trust that assists.


Latvka Da blitz

Doc, are you blind? LC haven’t deleted Iami.



I commanded Iami not to be deleted


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