Leicester Uni property professor pranks solicitor by pretending to be confused law student

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He live-tweeted the amusing encounter

A property professor was offered some legal pointers by a solicitor after pretending to be a student who was struggling to get to grips with land law.

Taking to Twitter this morning, Martin George, an associate professor of property law at the University of Leicester, explained how he had found himself sat next to a solicitor on a Manchester-bound train. Clocking George’s textbooks, the unnamed male lawyer inquired as to whether the land law guru was a student. Seizing the opportunity for a bit of mischief, the Leicester Law School lecturer responded, “yes”, before informing his followers: “This is going to be fun.”

Kicking off the convo, the unsuspecting solicitor claimed that “Land and Trusts are the hardest” and that George, who is also an academic fellow at Inner Temple, would be “doing pretty well” to secure a 2:2 in either module.

Keeping the chat flowing, George then asked the solicitor if he could explain the concept of proprietary estoppel, as he was struggling to get to grips with it.

Steering the conversation away from black letter law, the solicitor claimed a successful career as a solicitor is all about “networking”, “the cut and thrust of a deal”, and keeping “your big clients happy”.

Having spotted George’s notes on commonhold and leasehold, the conversation returned to land law.

At one point, George even refers to a land law textbook he co-authored — a move which prompts the solicitor to explain how “learned texts” don’t really explain the “REAL law”.

Keen to disclose his true identity, George then points out that his name appears on the front of the textbook they’ve just been referring to.

It’s not clear whether at this point the penny finally dropped.

Update: 15:23pm — 19 February:

George has now tweeted the following update:

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Can we all just agree that they’re both twats?



Those who can, do. Real lawyers couldn’t give a shit about your textbooks mate.


Yeah I’d like to see how he’d stand up to the rough and tumble of a Birkenhead stage 3


This. Excellent tekkers.

Seedy and Picko

Come on then if you think yer ‘ard enuff!!!!


Once again we see a narcissitic academic.

Can people just stop being narcissists in all areas of life?


He’s a practicing lawyer….


He really isn’t



Person of Tinge

Is it racism, do you think?

E Stobart

Would it be okay if in my works I refer to you all as the ‘Legal Cheek community’? Do you feel yourselves a community?




What an arrogant, pompous &rse.

The sol sounds as if he was being friendly and intending to be helpful.

He is also correct. How often do sols refer to academic texts in practice?

Sounds to me that the associate professor at Leicester is a bit bitter toward practitioners.


For people downvoting this, how else could the solicitor have played this? Be ageist against mature students and assume the guy was lying about being a student?

The solicitor was trying to be helpful. In a different sitting, he would be applauded for participating in a diversity networking event.


“how else could the solicitor have played this?”


Not spoken absolute twaddle about stuff he knew nothing about?


“how else could the solicitor have played this?”


Not spoken absolute twaddle about stuff he knew nothing about?


Then he wouldn’t be a solicitor.




“Then he wouldn’t be a solicitor.” – LOL. Love this


I mean, he did lie about dealing with ‘loads of commonholds’ and completely miss explain estoppel.

The Court of Pie Powders

The House of Lords/Supreme Court and CA struggle to do even a half decent job of explaining what proprietary estoppel is at the best of times – the conflict of Cobbe v Yeoman’s Row and Thorner v Major a good example.

This solicitor wasn’t too far off with his ‘stopped’ from doing something.


Really? Not too far off?

You’re not stopped from doing anything to your property. Estoppel in fact creates a positive interest rather than a negative obligation. If you are “stopped” from doing anything, it would be from denying an interest that you have given someone else over your property.

The Court of Peed Panties

It’s deception, pure and simple!

Like the promise that “Drynites look and feel like real underwear”.


Leicester Uni property professor pranks solicitor by lying to him.


Leicester Uni. Lol.


“Land law guru”?


The hyperest of boles.

Accurate Legal Cheek Headline

Leicester Law Professor Hilariously Acts Like A Knob To A Stranger Who Was Trying To Be Nice.

Final seat DR trainee

I’m effing bored sh*tless


Can I just say that this professor is actually a really nice chap. Went to Leicester uni on an Open Day and he was genuinely inspiring and lovely!


That doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a complete arse this morning though, does it.


Land Law Professor Tries To Be Funny – Actual Solicitor Probably Thinks He’s A Melt






Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.


He was at Linklaters before quitting for academia.


So he couldn’t do then.


No he wasn’t


He was definitely never at Linklaters!


Or Eve Cornwell?

I am the solicitor

What point did he prove? That he can lie and waste (both of our) time?


No I’m the Solicitor.


Which is worse

being a solicitor who works in Manchester


being a lecturer at Leicester uni


People who

write comments

like this


Because poetry

is better than



If Jaden Smith

can do it

so can i

John Agard

Hexpleen yuself wha’ yu meen!


I don’t mind wind up behaviour but he should have done it as a private joke to himself (and not disclosed who he was at the end). It did not need to be tweeted.


2019 Prime Candidate

Sara Hafejee

He was my lecturer last year and actually knows his stuff. He is really helpful, funny and kind and I think some of the comments on here are really harsh based on what may have been a short lighthearted 5 minute conversation. He hasn’t become a lecturer because he’s not good at practicing law but because he is genuinely talented at teaching the law. It’s quite awful reading how nasty people are behind their anonymous labels. I absolutely hated land law but he made it fun to learn. #leciesteruni


Where’s Leciester?

Partner at Bumble Oftonne LLP

cOoL sToRy WoUlD u LiKE a TRainG ConTRaCT?


Hi Martin


Leicester Uni – so great, when you leave you can’t even spell it’s name.


Sara Hafejee – you’re a student and not in a position to judge whether he is good in practice, not academia. You’re just sucking up on case he reads these comments.


Hush. It didn’t need to be called out


OK…an “associate professor” – so, not really a professor.

And…Leicester university – so not really a university in any meaningful sense.


It gets better- in Freshers’ Week there was an American student who kept on going on about how great it was to be in “Lie-Sester”


What a maverick, absolute mad lad.


This lecturer (yes, lecturer) has way too much on his hands. He is also at Leicester. Oh dear on every level.


Maybe if he didn’t waste so much time on social media he wouldn’t be at Leicester. He might even have a chance of becoming a practitioner one day.


It’s so much harder to get a job in academia than as a solicitor. Trust me- I have done both.


That settles it. I ALWAYS trust anonymous commenters on LC so it must be true. Thanks.


I was minding my own business in a railway carriage to Burnley when an officious gentleman entered and asked if I minded if he joined. ‘Of course not’ I said with my eyebrows raised earnestly. We spoke briefly about such common topics as the weather and our respective destinations when I spied in his knapsack a folder entitled ‘SRA Investigation’.

I gently (and might I say expertly) steered the conversation round onto the purpose of his visit to the County Palatine. He volunteered that he was there to make ‘certain enquiries as to the mode of living and current whereabouts of a famous Lord’.

‘My dear friend, I am the man to consult because I am closely acquainted with all the people with whom anyone of good breeding might want to acquaint themselves with!’ I exclaimed with a broad smile. ‘Pray tell, what is the name of this man?’

He hesitated and frowned. ‘I shouldn’t really tell you because it’s highly confidential.’ I sensed that the door was ajar. I patted his thigh. ‘Oh you can trust me’.

‘It’s Lord Harley’.

Over the next several hours this foolish man disclosed any number of devilish plans and strategies that his paymasters had in store for me.

‘Well it sounds like you have your work cut out for you, young man’ said I, in a fatherly fashion.

‘Yes, but I must confess that I don’t know where to begin’ he said, downcast.

‘I’m afraid it won’t be Lancashire’ said I, unweaving my dastardly plot. ‘You see, his Lordship has sailed to Tanganyika.’

I arrived at Burnley and turned the hopeless young man around at the platform. He waved at me through the carriage window. I waved back gracefully.


After a pretty crappy day at a silver circle this really cheered me up. Thank you!

That lecturer was a jerk. As if he some kind of big shot – no one has ever heard of him.

Kestrel Selby-Body

Oh god….. Burnley

Tell me I AM WRONG

All “lawyers” are ugly and boring. Arrogant dickheads, no?



At first I thought this was funny but reading the whole thing I just think it’s dickish. The solicitor guy didn’t volunteer the information- Mr George actually deliberately put him on the spot by telling him to explain estoppel. That’s pretty arrogant. It’s not really this guy jumping in with opinions and trying to mansplain- it’s Mr George trying to set him up to look bad and imply he is thick. I just don’t get why anyone would do that and live tweet it. Maybe he is outraged that someone thought he was a student but to be fair solicitors/barristers (or even academics) don’t usually carry round academic textbooks.
He put a tweet out the day before telling all his students to ‘be kind’. I wonder if this was the sort of thing he had in mind.


How did the lecturer ever think this was a good idea? Just makes him look like an absolute c-unit.

Oh wow, you know more about proprietary estoppel than a random solicitor on a train, fantastic! And great, you’ve co-authored a rubbish text book – it’s hardly Chitty on Contracts. He should F off with his air of superiority and enjoy the pittance he earns at a third rate university.


This is just embarrassing.

Lord Harley of Counsel

I have frightened the shit out of these people so they have to remove any posts in my name which I did not write.

LC = dickweeds.


Have your bowels been estopped yet?

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