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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Peter Hitchens’ comments about Jo Cox’s killer betray a fundamental ignorance of the basic facts [The Secret Barrister]

Matthew Scott: How can a grandfather still be in jail, when his accuser has said he’s innocent? [The Spectator] (registration required)

Jolyon Maugham QC: There’s nothing undemocratic about revoking Article 50 — reconsidering Brexit is the only way out of this mess [Independent]

The justice trap: sacrificed to the system [Byline Times]

Can victims’ rights go too far? [Reason]

Intreview: How my disability sparked my entrepreneurial spirit [Legal Cheek]

Mistakes on a train: the dangers of lawyers working on the move [Civil Litigation Brief]

Chats with legal chatbots [The Time Blawg]

Richard Moorhead: Moving on… [Lawyer Watch]

Fintech and the law: Can we keep it up? [Legal Futures]

London white-collar crime boutique firm seeks solicitor to join its expanding team [Legal Cheek Hub]

“The suicidal thoughts are bad but it was the homicidal ones that bothered me when I was a junior solicitor” [Legal Cheek comments]

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