Video: How innovative are law firms behind the scenes?

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Legal Cheek probes beyond the marketing puffery

The Legal Cheek Awards 2019 video

How innovative are law firms behind the scenes?

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Posted by Legal Cheek on Thursday, 28 March 2019

Technology has taken the City by storm this year, capturing the imaginations of lawyers using futuristic fantasies of how legal practice may evolve.

Tech-savvy law firms, keen to stay ahead of the competition, are racing to provide “ground-breaking, innovative and efficient solutions to client service delivery” — or so their marketing teams tell us…

But are lawyers on the ground really living the lawtech dream? In a video premiered at the Legal Cheek Awards 2019, we take a look at what’s actually happening — with the help of a special guest.


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Greenberg Glusker Lad

Is this really a thing? Sounds like a fad.


MC innovation team

Spoiler: they are not.




Alex you really are so far up your own arse it’s painful to watch.



Law firms are miles behind where insurance companies are with this type of stuff.



Who would have thought companies run by a load of old blokes who live in the Home Counties and still send emails typed with one finger and ‘sent from my Blackberry’ would be slow to innovate?


Samuel OJ Jackson

Chappie in the video is going to be very happy when he notices that there isn’t any paperwork in the binders.

Must’ve been April fools at a Yank firm.


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