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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

The private prosecution of Boris Johnson — what happens next? [Legal Cheek]

Boris Johnson is a stain on British politics but he should not be facing trial [New Statesman]

Boris Johnson’s legal scrape only adds to the fantasy oddness of Brexit [Independent]

Lord Sumption: History will be kinder to Theresa May than we have been [The Spectator]

Who is an expert? Now there’s a question: definitions of ‘expert’ considered [Civil Litigation Brief]

Blockchain is just hype? Allen & Overy won’t worry [The Time Blawg]

Richard Ekins: Representative politics and the limits of law [UK Constitutional Law Association]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Thread: What are the biggest day to day problems with policing and the criminal justice system? [Twitter]

Work Experience [A view from the North]

Let’s talk about money [Legal Futures]

June Venters QC: Parental alienation in criminal cases [Law Society Gazette]

“More Remainer nonsense. This will only increase Boris’ popularity, and hopefully he can get on with delivering Brexit.” [Legal Cheek comments]

Sponsor LawCare on the London Legal Walk [Virgin Money]

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