Media and tech law firm Wiggin launches training contract programme

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Exclusive: Trainees start on £39k rising to £60k on qualification

London-headquartered media law firm Wiggin has launched a new trainee solicitor scheme.

Applications opened yesterday for the well-known media, technology and IP outfit’s 2019 and 2020/21 training contract programmes. The firm has two training contract places for its September 2019 intake, and a further four TC spots up for grabs for its September 2020/21 intakes.

Media law buffs hoping to join the outfit, which has offices spread across London, Brussels and Cheltenham (rookies will divide their time between London and Cheltenham), can look forward to working with some of the biggest names in the music biz to Silicon Valley start-ups, fashion brands, sports clubs and publishing houses. Gucci, Netflix, Nintendo, Manchester United and Warner Bros are among the firm’s clients.

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Legal Cheek can reveal trainees will earn £39,000 in their first year, rising to £42,000 in their second year. Newly qualified (NQ) solicitors can expect to rake in a not too shabby salary of £60,000 on qualification. Wiggin, which is based in London’s Fitzrovia, will also fully fund future trainees’ Legal Practice Course (LPC) and Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) fees. It will also award rookies a £7,000 maintenance grant.

The firm previously offered a trainee solicitor scheme, but wound it down in 2015 as it focused on newly qualified (NQ) solicitor recruitment. Commenting on the relaunch, Ben Whitelock, corporate partner at Wiggin, said:

“We are delighted to reintroduce our trainee scheme and to be taking applications for September 2019, 2020 and 2021. The market, and the firm, has changed significantly since our last intake in 2015, bringing new opportunities for growth at junior level. We are looking forward to meeting lots of great candidates and providing our new trainees with a strong start to their career in law, working in the fascinating sectors and practice areas in which we specialise.”

Wiggin scored A*s for its work, peer support and social life in the Legal Cheek Trainee and Junior Lawyer Survey 2019, with As for training, partner approachability, tech savviness and perks, and Bs for its office and work/life balance.

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Meanwhile at Freshfields…



Anybody know the NQ rates at Barack Ferrazzano Kirschbaum & Nagelberg LLP? Really thinking of making a move there…









seriously how the fuck do people even find these firms lol, do you just take a walk down an obscure neighborhood and look for the first “Law Office” you come across?



Maybe “Gucci, Netflix, Nintendo, Manchester United and Warner Bros” do exactly that. Idiot.



I’d be interested to know what the hours and work-life balance would be like at this place, compared to an equivalent corporate firm.



9-5:30, probably.


Kirkland Trainee

Nice, £60k isn’t bad at all for a trainee salary – but what’s the NQ like?



Your first year Contracts & Remedies exam is tomorrow from 10.00am mate, don’t forget to read over your notes one more time.


Kirkland Trainee

Wouldn’t really call crushing PE deals a ‘contracts & remedies exam’, but each to their own pal.



Even a real trainee wouldn’t be “crushing PE deals” unless your dictionary directs you to a definition of this term which says “crushing PE deals – means to make copious amounts of copies of documents, draft board minutes and be generally ignored whilst associate and partner do real work”.



Drafting board minutes is usually reserved to junior associates. As a trainee, you mostly proofread other peoples’ drafting and/or implement mark-up to drafts.

Let’s not forget the crucial task of circulating dial-ins ahead of calls at which you will not speak!


Lmao yeh sure mate.

Just remember: Treitel on Contract is a good place to refresh on principles of Invitation to Treat.



Invitation to beat your meat.

Kirkland Trainee

You’ll be crying when I’m the one driving a Lambo at 23 and you’re sleeping on your mum’s sofa.


This is brilliant, please continue.

Kirkland Trainee

Whatever mate. I’m guessing only one of us was looking at a townhouse in Chelsea on the weekend to buy at asking price? Yeah thought so. I bet you’re a student.


Try and keep it plausable. Nobody gives a trainee a £6m mortgage.

Kirkland Trainee

Who said anything about a mortgage, retard?

Kirkland Trainee

LOL all you beta boys have disappeared now! Love it!


This firm pays more at NQ than any of the top commercial law firms in the lesser wealthy areas of continental Europe (including Italy and Spain, which both house structured and prestigious law firms).

What I always found interesting is that several continental European firms have offices in London and pay their lawyers their “top” continental salaries. As an example, NQs at such firms would make considerably less than what an average UK/US trainee makes in London and would still be expected to hit targets as high as 1,800 hours p.a. with a great deal of responsibility and pressure.

Of course, this is not a comparison with UK and US counterparts (so it is unfair), but still if the hours are manageable at this firm, this looks like a pretty decent deal.



Brothers! Sisters!

We need to stop climate chaos from capitalism!

We need Jeremy Corbyn to be PM!

A windfall tax on city greed!



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