‘My watch has ended’: Law firm partner sends incredible Game of Thrones inspired farewell email

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‘Last one left, burn the rest of us’

Farewell emails are usually quite formal affairs. ‘Thank you for the support’, ‘I wish you all well’, ‘It has been a pleasure’ and so on and so forth. However, one law firm partner over in the US has used his goodbye message as an opportunity to get his Game of Thrones geek on — and it’s pretty epic.

The email, published by US website Above the Law, focuses around the partner, who hasn’t been named, pretending to be a member of the Night’s Watch, a band of soldiers who hold and guard the Wall in the popular fantasy show to keep the Wildlings and White Walkers from entering into the Seven Kingdoms. Read it in full below:

The email comes just weeks after another law firm partner in the US, David Cohen, a regulatory and litigation partner at US law firm Wilmer Cutler, appeared on the show as an extra. Cohen was lucky enough to scoop the bit part because his brother-in-law, David Benioff, is one of the show’s co-creators.

Closer to home, Legal Cheek reported last month that Durham Law School and Abertay University in Dundee had joined forces to host a conference examining how the hit show portrays law, power and justice. The day-long session, which takes place next month, will explore its depiction of “contemporary issues relating to power, gender, war, capitalism, torture and language”.

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One thing’s for sure. He will never take a wife.


Jobbie Travers

Why did u delete my comment Legal Cheek?

If you guys spent half as much energy into “writing” your shyte posts as you policing your forums, you’d have decent material.


Ciaran Goggins

AS with the Good Fight episode on censorship it was


A non-knee mousse

What a colossal nob


Kirkland NQ

That’s what my model girlfriend says when I take off my boxers.


Steven Seagull

Did you make the model yourself?



Am I the only one who thought this email was funny? Cool partner imo.



At last a lawyer with a sense of humour!


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