Rebuke for law firm partner who made offensive comment to blind client after font size request

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Apologises immediately

An experienced law firm partner who made an “inappropriate and offensive” comment relating to a client’s disability has been rebuked by the regulator.

Richard Anthony Bull, a solicitor at Essex law firm A.H. Page, was instructed in a probate matter by a client who was registered blind and in deteriorating health.

With the client’s eyesight getting worse, Bull began writing to her in a larger font size, according to a regulatory settlement agreement published by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

In April 2018, the woman, referred to only as “Client A”, attended the firm’s office to request that a form be enlarged further. It was at this point, according to the agreement, Bull told the client that further enlargement was not possible, before asking her: “Do you want me to come to your house and paint it all over the walls?”

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Bull immediately apologised for the comment, which was made in front of others at the firm, but the client reported the incident to the regulator, saying it made her feel belittled and discriminated against.

Bull, who continues to represent the client, admitted that by making the remark, he’d failed to maintain the trust the public places in him and not carried out his role in a way that encourages equality of opportunity and respect for diversity.

In deciding that the agreed outcome was proportionate, the regulator noted that the comment was made in a moment of frustration, he had apologised immediately to the client and had expressed remorse for his actions.

Bull considers that he has always had a good relationship with the client, which remains ongoing, and both he and his wife have provided the client with support outside of the solicitor-client relationship.

He was also ordered to pay £300 in cost.

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Client A sounds like a snowflake 😂



Emojis are for idiots






Your mum must love them then



Your mum uses them when she sends her post-coital texts to me. I am not saying she is an idiot, but intelligence is 50% genetic and look what she produced.



Regulators should not waste their time with this sort of thing. Why pander to the oversensitive?



Becoz D I V E R S I T Y or rather divershitty.



More comments deleted than kept, nice



The SRA need to get a grip and tell thin-skinned moaners to grow up.



I suspect it was not the client who reported him but other colleagues who were offended on the client’s behalf.



Even worse then that SRA time was wasted on this tosh.



Bloody Equality Act and the protections it provides society’s most vulnerable!



Just something that makes running an ordinary business too expensive.


Middle aged man

I’ve been in the legal profession now for 14 years and in all my life experience, never have I come across a profession full of so many rude, aggressive, obnoxious and unsympathetic parasites.



I’ve been in the legal profession 28 years and have no idea what you’re on about. Go fuck yourself, prick.



Exactly. Although you were a bit soft on the moaning prick.



Well, the clients aren’t really part of the profession.



Offensive comment to make to a client. Sounds like he was either frustrated or shit at banter. Either way, a small fine and rebuke seems a fair response.



So what? The client can express offence by going elsewhere. Not a matter for the SRA. If I client finds me offensive they can shove off.



Hopefully the client punches you in the face on the way out.



Is that the world you are in now? If you are offended you can run to the authorities and moan or resort to hitting people? Pathetic. People need thicker skins.



Think solicitors sometimes forget how important cases are to clients – cos we dealing with lot matters at once easy lose sight of this. Lady doesn’t sound oversensitive, I’d be offended at being talked to like that. Clients do sometimes come in a lot, ring up a lot. Its part of the job, if you’re that unsympathetic maybe join different profession?



Report 1025 to the SRA at once! Our regulator must be vigilant at all times!



Don’t care about this boring story.




A complaint on this nonsense?

There can’t be much wrong in the profession if this is what takes up the regulator’s time.


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