Durham Uni teams up with ex-Slaughter and May partner to launch first LLB ‘pensions law’ module

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Former magic circle lawyer Philip Bennett appointed visiting professor

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Philip Bennett

A former Slaughter and May partner is swapping London for Durham to teach what is believed to the country’s first undergrad course in pensions law. Pensions whiz Philip Bennett was unveiled as a visiting professor at Durham University Law School by head honcho Thom Brooks yesterday.

While at Slaughters, Bennett advised on some of the biggest pension scheme mergers and restructures in town and became a partner at the august outfit just seven years after qualifying. Relaxing into retirement, the Durham Uni alumnus has been giving expert evidence to the Work and Pensions committee of MPs and dashing off papers like Must an occupational pension scheme take into account ESG factors even if there is a risk of financial detriment to the pension fund? Well, obviously.

Back in Pensions Law 101, Bennett explains that “there are more than 40 million members of workplace pension schemes. Their pension rights under those schemes are often their most valuable asset, or their second most valuable asset after their house or flat. Those rights are protected by pensions law”.

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Unveiling his star signing, Brooks said:

“I am delighted to be welcoming such a distinguished practitioner of pensions law to join us as our first Visiting Professor of Pensions Law. Philip will be teaching what I believe to be the first undergraduate pensions law module in the UK, further enhancing the options available to our law undergraduates.”

Bennett’s appointment comes just months after Durham Law School launched a new Centre for Chinese Law and Policy in a bid to make its aspiring lawyers more “internationalised”. The interdisciplinary centre provides research-led teaching and is understood to be one of the largest of its kind in the UK, with over 60 members of staff and counting.

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He is a cute old man


Mate what does that matter?


LOL…if only you knew.


What should I know? Is he a bit of a naughty devil?


Hardly new. Glamorgan were allowing students to complete dissertations on this for the GDL almost 15 years ago!


Glamorgan? As if a degree from that poor excuse of an academic establishment would give you a successful career in law, unless you want to work at Ysgggfryyyddd & Co LLP in the Valleys.


The point is even a former poly was offering this ages ago so this is not a new or innovative course.

Of course that went over your head and instantly you saw a chance to slag something off. You must be a horrible little person.


Both BCLP and Addleshaws now pay £75 at NQ, update your stats ffs LC


Doesn’t matter


Yawn. Slow news day.


How much is this second-rate institution paying Legal Cheek for promotion?


We drafted the contract for LC. £1.99+VAT for each promo.


This module would be very useful for anyone who wants to be an employment lawyer. Lots of firms have a single team for employment, pensions and incentives (although some firms will be more specialised). Even if employment and pensions have separate teams, the practitioners in each team will generally be aware of developments on the other side.


It would also be quite useful for anyone who wants to be a pensions lawyer.


Though your CV would have Durham on it, which is the equivalent of stamping across the top “I am a twat”.


LegalCheek commenters get so angry about institutions/firms which they have/are not a part of. Buddy just take a break?


To be fair the commenter probably has come across a few Dunelms in their time. They to have a high chance of being twats.


Pensions Law is where the real legal heavyweights are nowadays.

Hans van Meerten

Duster Dotsy

It is also a really good module if you like having a nap in lectures.


Edinburgh Law School ran a pensions law course last year..

Prince of Pensions

Finally, the acknowledgement of the real legal pedigree in law!

All those corporate thickos bumbling through their deals without any appreciation for the defined benefit schemes creeping in the dark.

The real question on any matter is surely, “what about Pensions?”



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