Ministry of Justice commits £2 million to legal tech

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As barristers’ ballot on strike action enters final hour

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has committed over £2 million to help support new and emerging technologies in the legal sector. The cash injection, announced this morning by the Justice Secretary, David Gauke, came as barristers continue to vote on whether to stage a one-day walkout in their ongoing dispute with the government over legal aid fees.

Speaking at today’s Artificial Intelligence in Legal Services Summit in London, Gauke said: “Technology promises to be a key component in the success of our legal services sector and this funding will help support emerging LawTech in the UK and wider economic growth”.

The money will be distributed through the LawTech Delivery Panel, an industry-led and government-supported committee tasked with promoting the use of technology in the UK’s legal sector.

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Gauke continued:

“We are home to some of the best law firms in the world, globally renowned courts and a wealth of legal talent. Through the effective use of technology, we can help the sector advance and continue to lead globally.”

The extra funding (and the timing of the announcement) will no doubt raise eyebrows among members of the criminal bar, who continue to vote on whether or not to stage a “whole profession walkout” on 1 July.

Speaking last month, Chris Henley, chair of the Criminal Bar Association, said:

“The Criminal Bar Association understands its responsibility to the profession, and to the wider public to safeguard and champion the highest possible standards in the criminal courts, but this requires publicly funded lawyers to be able to see a sustainable and viable financial future ahead of them.”

The ballot closes at 5pm today, with a result expected to be announced by Friday.

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Not quite correctly reported. The £2 million is on top of the £750 million it spent on the CJSM and DCS. Neither of which actually work.



Only £11 million less than a no deal ferry contract.


house of butter

very good – just work out a plan to deliver no legal tech legal tech without anybody who can create a tech product and the money will be in the bank account



Yep. NASA spent a million dollars developing a pen which could write in zero-g. It didn;t work. The Russians used a pencil.



Is this a f*****g joke?

All that money on flipping IT projects, when people can’t even earn a living doing routine and necessary work?

Scandal this country. VOTE CORBYN


Feeling woefully unsated

And who exactly will be getting this Funding? How will it be allocated? What is the process?

Or, is it all sensation and no substance with LC?



And then there is the big question. Why did you capitalise “funding”?



Funding is a defined term – defined as £2 million. Such terms shall not need definitions wrought upon the sentence they are used.

Otherwise, no one is paying me to write the comment; I see no point in proof-reading it.



You could not just say “I was wrong”, could you? Incorrect capitalisation of nouns is a real marker. But an inability to admit an error is worse. A complete lack of class.



What is interesting to see is why you feel the need to prove I was wrong. Why do you feel this compulsion?

Perhaps a gateway to inner inadequacies and failures throughout your life that compel you to detract from yourself and point the finger at others. Truly un-classé


No, I just like calling out the ignorant who capitalise common nouns. I did not need to “prove” you were wrong, because the error is patent. Why are you so touchy about your poor English?


Man who won’t have a job on 23rd July makes long term spending commitments …



The strike is pathetic. Half of them need to leave and get other jobs. 50% fewer significant hearings in criminal courts over a decade while there is a very large increase in numbers at the junior end. Something has got to give, and it better not be the amount of tax I pay. Criminals do not need a Rolls Royce defence. A working second or third hand Ford Fiesta will do for them.



2 rite m8 – that why we need a NO DEAL !! Hang the bugers! spare the rope spoil the child! tough justis tough love! let the judges do the judging! after the NO DEAL we can get on to setting up TOUGH police as well! Let them do there job! and let them collect all the criminuls and cut out the middle man, and just hang them!



“Something has got to give, and it better not be the amount of tax I pay.”

You are so right…that ‘something’ will be decency, justice, dignity and fairness for a start.

But why should you care? Oh I am so sorry I forgot….you don’t.


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