‘Lawtech? We’ve no idea what it is’, say 50% of junior lawyers

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Despite hype, two-thirds reported no change to their job role

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As City law firms continue to fire off press release after press release in a bid to show they’re taking lawtech seriously, a new survey has shown that almost half of junior lawyers are not aware of what it actually is.

The Junior Lawyers Division (JLD) found that 49.6% of respondents didn’t know what lawtech was prior to completing the survey, while almost two-thirds (63%) revealed that the so-called tech revolution “was not having an impact on their current job responsibilities.”

According to research, the lack of understanding surrounding the topic appears to stem from an absence of education and training. While 61% of respondents claimed to have received “little or no information/training on lawtech” during their time on the Legal Practice Course (LPC), just 2% said they were given all the information and training they needed from their law school.

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However, despite almost two-thirds of the 224 junior lawyers surveyed claiming lawtech was having little impact on their day-to-day role, 71% believed their practise area could benefit from advances in technology. Forty-three percent of respondents predicted, rather ominously, a decrease in the number of solicitors qualifying in the next five to 10 years as a result of lawtech.

James Kitching, a member of JLD’s executive committee and who prepare the survey said:

“Lawtech has the potential to revolutionise the way we work. However, what the survey shows is that there is a general perception that we are not there yet. More importantly, there is still not enough engagement and understanding amongst junior lawyers as to exactly what lawtech is and how it can improve the way we work and it appears that part of the reason for this is a lack of training and education on the topic at the graduate level.”

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LawTech would massively improve my job efficiency.

Like most others, my firm is unwilling to invest in the expensive software or licensing of software to do this when they can get mugs like me to carry out unpaid overtime.



Be grateful you have a job.



Be grateful you have a job? Do you know how stupid you sound. You obviously don’t know what it’s like using inefficient IT systems which result in 1) spending longer on simple tasks (which you cannot bill the client for the entirety of) and 2) staying 1-2 hours later in the office than you should need to.



Exactly. Staying late to deal with clunky I.T. systems adding shit like MI and other non billable work is mind numbing. Add in the secretaries being useless or overworked means non billable admin tasks also form part of the job.



Surprise surprise, Susskind found to be a fraud yet again.

He predicted many lawyers would be out of a job by about 10-15 years ago. No surprises that he was wrong.

Why oh why do people still indulge this charlatan and give him money for his sci-fi books and speaking engagements?



Strange, they must not have gone to Legal Cheek’s very expensive conference last year…



The problem with all the bull crap about AI taking over professions which require human input, such as the law, is that they obscure one of the defining issues of our times.

For many years, low skilled, low paid and manual jobs have been replaced by machines and AI. This will continue, and more and more lower skilled, lower paid workers will be put out of jobs. The issues this poses to society should be obvious.

People should be doing something about this, or devising work-arounds for society in light of this. But no we are too focused on nonsense theories by people like Susskind, that robots are going to be arguing complex points of law in the High Court within 5 years, to actually care about the real issues affecting our people today.





We need a TechTax

A robot tax will allow much needed funds to go to legal aid and for schools and hospitals! A windfall tax on City greed!!

Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn 2019



becuase ‘lawtech’ is not a thing in the real world. Just in the fernvent imagination of Legal Cheek.



‘Law? We’ve no idea what it is’, say 50% of all solicitors



We’ve got some AI-esque compliance software that is supposed to run automatically. It currently doesn’t work, and it keeps not working regularly.

LawTech… about as effectual as a shoe with holes in the rain at the moment.


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