Teesside Uni law student who assaulted officer didn’t understand police powers

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Handed conditional discharge

A Teesside University law student has been given a conditional discharge after admitting assaulting a police officer outside a Middlesbrough nightspot.

Police attended a bar in December of last year following reports that Alice Ikutegbe, a second-year law student at the northeast uni, was “attacking other customers”.

While being arrested, Teesside Live reports that the 31-year-old Nigerian national kicked an officer in the knee. She was later charged with common assault of an emergency worker.

Appearing at Teesside Magistrates’ Court earlier this week, Ikutegbe initially pleaded not guilty however later changed her plea to guilty following a discussion with her solicitor.

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Addressing the court, Ikutegbe’s solicitor urged the judge to give her an absolute discharge, explaining that she was “studying law at Teesside University” and that a more severe sentence could have a detrimental impact on her future legal career. “She hasn’t understood the police powers in the UK and is very remorseful of the incident”, he added.

However, District Judge Timothy Capstick refused to give the law student an absolute discharge and instead handed her a six-month conditional discharge. This means the offence is registered on her criminal record but no further action will be taken unless she commits a further offence within six months.

She was also ordered to pay £115 court costs.

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Ok, I’ll go ahead and make the obvious comment that being a student at Teeside University would have a far more a detrimental impact on her future legal career than a conviction.


Ha ha nice one.


How about a degree from Teesside University?




Because in Nigeria it’s acceptable to assault police officers…


Isn’t there some kind of copyright issue with copying/rehashing the Teeside Live article?


If only there were some legally-qualified individuals that could advise on this…


Lmao @ LC having someone who scored above a third on their llb / above a low pass on their gdl


I mean, the wording isn’t the same or particularly similar, so no copyright issue.

It is of course poor journalism to churn out stupid short stories with such a tenuous link to your readership, but that’s kind of Legal Cheek’s thing.


Is it possible that both publishers have just pasted the same press release ?

Also, just wondering, if you are her representative, what is the ethical position from switching to “I didnt understand police powers” after indicating a not guilty to the offence ?


Never a problem if a client changes their plea from Not Guilty to Guilty, only the other way round. Here it appears she did not know the legal definition of the offence and when advised as to the law (officer need only have reasonable grounds to suspect that you committed the offence, so being innocent does not mean that the arrest is unlawful or the element of acting in the course of his duty is not made out) she changed her plea.


This will make it very difficult for her to qualify as a lawyer. It helps that she pleaded guilty, as that will avoid her being automatically ruled out for dishonesty, but it’s still very unlikely that she will pass DBS checks for either the SRA or the BSB.


No shit


Oh she will she will walk it.


She will walk a DBS check?

Kosher Biltong

Perhaps she could do a swap with Lavvy the stabber and study medicine instead?

Ciaran Goggins

Sigh. They are not officers, they hold no commission in the army (too gutless).


Perhaps you forget RN and RAF officers exist? Shit joke anyway but come on lad move past cadets

Steven Seagull

In the Police they are referred to as officers. The Army is a different matter.


Teesside uni is the worst place to study law. No law society due to bullying third years . Staff that never deal with complaints, our friend reported threats of violence going on from within the law clinic. Staff in the clinic would sit with the students and discuss students and clients. All on their phones behaving in a malicious way. We told the students go to the press!
Loads of students reported this to the Head of law and nothing was ever done. Pity anyone studying there, cover up bullying and violence and anyone who reports it, is intimated into not perusing a complaint. I told the students to transfer we would not be able to behave like that. Worst uni going ! Hope they don’t think they are coming to our campus the violent bullies. Leaked blogs exposed the law students and still the uni covers it up.


Teesside University is a ground for poorly behaved law students. Just read another blog and it’s awful how staff treat anyone complaining.

Law students behave appallingly and when staff are informed they turn a blind eye.
I am saddened to learn of this ,but it does not surprise me. Staff need to remove anyone who is causing harassment and distress to other students and be accountable. Agree with the above comment about bullying and violence, if any student threatens or intimates another they should adhere to the policy and be removed.Reputation can only be improved by staff taking rigorous action. I for one witnessed my niece in her third year become distressed by fellow students intent on bullying her ,she told her tutors and nothing was every done. This is is the type behaviour that needs to be addressed. What uni teaching law does not have a law society??just read the comments the thirds year have written regards other students. Why was this not dealt with? Why are these people able to continue studying law? Teesside has a long way to go instead of dismissing such behaviour address it!


Could not agree more with the above comments. We were out one night in Yarm and met some law students. All graduating this year and my god! Talk about scum. Spent the whole evening discussing ‘batting’ people and taking drugs. Great place to study law. Cannot believe they do not have a law society. How are the students supposed to progress with support and connections. Staff need to be changed.


We live near the campus and this is just an unacceptable soft sentence. Know a few lovely young students and they tell me this lady is in first year, in their classes not a second year student. So embarrassing for the region and we have never heard of any university tolerating this. Why is this happening in our region. The students do all say it’s not the best place to study law and there is no society which is just unbelievable. They pay the same as Durham and Northumbria.


What is “batting” people?? Does it me assaulting or beating someone?


I think the poster means BOTTING.


Northern term for assaulting someone. Clearly this is the norm to spout of such expressions and actions at that university. Imagine paying to send your child to that place. By the comments and blogs the police should be brought in.


What amazes me what are the staff actually paid to do. They clearly are failing the students, students who bully and worst students who don’t appear to know the basics in moral decency and LAW. Head of law needs to be removed.

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