Travers Smith keeps 17 out of 21 London qualifying trainees

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Retention result of 81%

Travers Smith has confirmed 17 of its 21 trainees due to qualify in September have accepted permanent newly qualified (NQ) positions at its City of London base. This hands the firm, which offers 25 training contracts each year, a solid 2019 autumn retention rate of 81%.

Four soon-to-be associates will join the two-office-outfit’s dispute resolution team, while three are private equity bound. The firm’s commercial, IP & technology and corporate finance departments will receive two rookies apiece. Competition, finance, financial services & markets, investment funds, pensions and tax will each gain one NQ lawyer. Two rookies didn’t receive offers, while the other two opted to leave for other outfits.

Travers’ fresh-faced recruits will start on a salary of £78,500 which places them just above their opposite numbers at a host of City players including Mayer Brown (£78,000), Baker McKenzie (£77,000) and Norton Rose Fulbright (£77,000). Trainees at Travers currently earn £45,000 in year one, rising to £50,500 in year two.

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Today’s performance represents a slight dip on Travers’ autumn 2018 score. On that occasion, the firm — which is perhaps best known for its private equity practice — posted a perfect 100% rate, keeping all of its 21 qualifiers. Travers unveiled a 90% rate (18 out of 20) in 2017 and 94% (17 out of 18) in 2016.

In this year’s Trainee and Junior Lawyer Survey, Travers scored A*s in four categories including training and quality of work, and received commendations in five categories including Firm of the Year, at the Legal Cheek Awards earlier this year.

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“Travers’ fresh-faced recruits will start on a salary of £78,500 which places them just above their opposite numbers at a host of City players including Hogan Lovells (£78,000)”

You have literally just posted another article saying HL is now £90k. Do you even talk to each other?


Both news were posted by the same person.


i guess remembering what you’ve written half an hour ago isn’t on the soas curriculum 😂


Absolutely top class journalism here folks. Loving the consistency from these guys.

Legal Cheek are fake news.



Not sure if intentional but I read this in a Donald Trump voice


Next week’s Career Conundrum will be written by OP:

Should I take a TC at Attentiontodetail LLP or join Legal Weak as a shet writer?’’


Dullest thing I have ever read.


Please stop deleting comments Alex. The first two were in response to something and may have been cleaver and witty (or not). Since you have deleted the comment they responded to, all everyone else is left with is WTF?


So embarrassing that Baker McKenzie only pay 77k nq in London but match the Cravath scale in the US. Talk about cheap!


They are a Swiss verein though


Bakers are the McDonalds of law firms, they could never match US pay in regional offices you mong


They certainly could match the ~120k band in London. Isn’t that why we’re making all of business services redundant? Oh wait, that’s just to increase PEP…


They could…the question is, do they want to?


Travers losing 4 of its 20-odd trainees is big news – this would have been unthinkable a few years ago. Does anyone know where the leavers are going? My money is on US firms…similar hours to PE/corporate at Travers/Macs but double the pay.

The silver circle are the ones that will suffer most from pay raises..unless they follow suit.


So true – how can they compete when they have the same hours but much less pay? Travers have posted pretty solid financials for years now too and I see them on the same deals as US/MC.

At least retention was once on their side…but 10% not getting offers and 10% not staying on (probably going for US firms) is a pretty deal.

Big Diggs Higgs

They’re all at my shop

John the goat manager

How can Robin Somerville advertise as a direct access barrister and say on his website he has not done a pupillage?


Where does it say that he has not done a pupillage?


Yeah true he says it himnself on his website

City trainee

Where’s Kirkland Dig Bick and all the usual blather from first year law students about how crap the Travers NQ salary is?

I mean, you’ve done it on every other pay rise announcement, just saying..


Sorry Kirkland’s not here right now. Too busy looking after the new vac scheme arrivals.

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