Irwin Mitchell keeps 45 out of 47 qualifying trainees

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96% result

Irwin Mitchell has released its annual trainee retention score. Of the 47 trainees to qualify this September, 45 will be kept on as newly qualified (NQ) solicitors, the national outfit has confirmed.

This puts Irwin Mitchell’s retention score at 96% — a notable increase on last year’s rate of 83%, which saw 49 out of 59 trainees stay on.

The commercial and personal injury law specialist, which offers around 45 training contracts annually, confirmed 15 NQs will be based in London, nine in Birmingham, seven in Sheffield, five in Manchester, with the rest spread across Leeds (4), Newcastle (2), Southampton (2) and Bristol (1). All retained NQs are on permanent deals.

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According to Irwin Mitchell, the bulk of NQs will sit in its personal legal services, with 30 spread between personal injury, medical negligence, public law and court of protection. The remaining 15 will continue in the firm’s business legal services, whose departmental destinations include litigation, real estate, corporate and restructuring. Seventy-seven percent (35) of the firm’s new associates are female.

Marissa Sanders, head of early careers at Irwin Mitchell, said:

“This year’s newly qualified retention rate of 96% is an outstanding achievement reflecting both the calibre of our trainees and the training and support they receive in the business.”

Retention results aside, Legal Cheek‘s Firms Most List shows that newbies recruited to the outfit’s London office will start on a salary of £60,000. Pay packets are lower for those spread across the firm’s 13 regional offices, with base rates ranging from £36,500 to £41,500.

NQs kept on will continue to enjoy the firm’s quality of work, peer support and work-life balance — for which it scored A, A*, A* respectively in our Trainee and Junior Lawyer Survey.

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Hardly a surprise, given the unstemmed haemorrhage of staff at all levels over the past year or two.



I’d like to hear from the two who didn’t make the grade.

I bet they were more than competent but didn’t kiss enough corporate behind.



Or maybe they chose to leave.









Even sweatier slave ship than CMS and SPB.



What’s wrong with CMS and SPB by comparison to BCLP.



Nothing, all three are pretty shet



I would rather be unemployed.


Kirkland NQ

Funny – I’m sure I’ve heard of Irwin Mitchells somewhere before. Might be the lawyers I used for an insurance claim when I caught an SPB associate going through the bins outside my townhouse.


Kirkland Partner

Reported you to HRs for wasting time on LC during work hours


Kirkland NQ

Ha! Reported you to the managing partner for being on LC. He knows I can smash PE deals, comment on LC and leaf through the Lambo brochure all at once.



Nobody likes a rat.


Stevie LuLu


Big bad Sach

Shut up dweeb. You’ll never make equity with an attitude like that.



Imagine going to the trouble of qualifying as a lawyer and only earning £36,500. What a failure in life you would be.



They probably describe themselves as a leading law firm too. What a fookin joke.



Salary in London nearly as much as RPC…






Rent protection council?



“commercial and personal injury law specialist”. I’m not sure this is a factually correct statement. They are not commercial law specialists in any shape or sense of the word “specialist”.



Agreed that that used to be the case, but literally half the firm now does commercial/corporate work. Hundreds of lawyers there who have those exact specialisms would disagree with you.



I’m surprised they had enough biscuits for 45 trainees to be honest. Must be on the up there.


Slipped on a grape? We are the solicitors for you.

I saw some ambulance chasing ad on the television last week. That sort of thing undermines any commercial offering they may have. I don’t take them seriously.


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