Kirkland & Ellis lawyer uses firm’s concierge service to buy shoes for her dogs

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A lawyer at Kirkland & Ellis called on the firm’s fancy concierge service to purchase shoes for her two precious pet pooches on her behalf.

Regular Legal Cheek readers will recall how we reported last year that Kirkland had seriously upped its perk game, rolling out a new firm-wide 24-hour helper service to handle the personal tasks and errands of its hardworking lawyers.

And it appears the firm’s service, dubbed ‘Kirkland Concierge’, has prompted a number of requests — some more unusual than others.

As reported by the website Forbes, one unnamed associate asked the concierge to buy two pairs of “dog booties” for her two canine companions. “After extensive research”, the report continues, the Kirkland concierge found a store that still had dog booties in stock in the “middle of a winter storm”.

Other requests cited in the article include fetching a coat left by a lawyer in a barbershop; purchasing, assembling and delivering a bicycle to the daughter of a Kirkland lawyer (who was working away) on her birthday; and purchasing and delivering a Christmas tree to a lawyer’s home. There have also been requests to send last-minute flowers, collect train tickets, make store returns and fix a cracked phone screen. As flagged by Legal Cheek last year, one Kirkland lawyer has even used the service to move house.

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Kirkland’s lawyers and admin managers can use the mega-perk free of charge, however, personal purchases and out of hours requests requiring a member of the concierge team must be paid for by the lawyer.

Commenting on the service, which is provided through the firm’s external tie-up with Circles by Sodexo, a lifestyle management company, US Kirkland lawyer Samuel Zaretsky said:

“It’s great that companies are acknowledging that employees want to both work hard and maximize their time at work and have stress-free fun and maximize their time outside of work. On-site concierge services enhance both worlds.”

But it’s easy to understand why Kirkland’s lawyers, who start life on a hefty salary of £143,000, would want to maximise their downtime. Legal Cheek‘s Firms Most List shows that junior lawyers in the firm’s London office report an average arrival time of 9:45am and average leave time of 9:49pm — hours roughly in line with other top-paying City outfits.

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That dog looks like it’s quite pleased to see someone.


We also have a strong… perk game.


She probably never sees her poor dog.

Kirkland NQ

It’s great. I get the Concierge to spin shine the Lambo. The trainees get to do the shoes.


You don’t though

Shoosmiths Shooshiner

Top bantz, 10/10.

Kirkland NQ

While you’re down there son


I’ve no idea how law students get so bored to the point where they have created a false persona as some sort of comedic escapism.


It’s a type of comedic priapism, some suffer from it when feeling wronged. Persons of short height are particularly prone to such outbursts. Best medicated with tranquillisers and substantial amounts of fresh cannabis.


They are the same students you meet at networking events with Canadian/AUS accents and an unhealthy PE obsession

Big Diggs Higgs

Nothing unhealthy about $10m a year son


All trainee work in my day. They have it too easy now!!


Right? Now they just show the rookies how to be lawyers. Oh the humanity!


Lifted the whole article from another website, but at least you put a link to it this time.


Hey Tom, fantastic job on the How to be a Lawyer in the City event!! It was great to meet you and the rest of the LC team 🙂


Thanks, cuz. See you at the granny’s birthday next month.


Hahahahahaha Tom and the rest of the Legal Cheek team are giving tips on how to be a city lawyer? Not one of them has ever been a city lawyer mate.


“purchasing, assembling and delivering a bicycle to the daughter of a Kirkland lawyer (who was working away) on her birthday” – that’s sad.


Meh, that’s what therapy is for in the kid’s adult years (probably still covered by mom’s baller benefits package).

I work 12 hour days at my small city firm and our shet policies don’t even cover dental.


…then leave? It always baffles me to see all these mid-size City firm lawyers complaining about hours and pay, there’s nothing stopping you from reaching out to the lofty heights of US BigLaw.


12 hours? no wonder you aren’t getting benefits. You don’t deserve them at that level of laziness.

Kirkland NQ

Sad about being too good at smashing PE deals? Unlikely!


Did you start dreaming about smashing PE deals when you were a child? What did your classmates tell you about this?

Neel S.

They said chase dat phat wedge my man


Is this news, Christ. That’s it for me with LC.


You are reporting utter dreck like this, whilst letting the premature death of a High Court judge pass without a whisper:

It’s almost like you are not even bothering to pretend to be legal journalists any more.


And not a whisper on Eve Cornwell’s latest vlog. Shocking.




Wait for RoF to write about this first, than Thomas will publish his exclusive


Average leave time or 9.49? What a bunch of mugs.


that’s actually early, normally its 2-3am.


thats prime time reduced sandwiches at Tesco, matey


Why do they start so late in the day?


Takes a little longer in the morning to find the will to get out of bed – “I’m paid a lot but I’m about to spend the next 14 hours in a giant glass dildo with a bunch of psychos”. That or the Colombian marching powder takes a while to kick in. You build a tolerance, you know.


I’d say 9.45 – 10am is standard for US firms.


It is. They have a bizarre stay late machismo but troop in every day at nearly lunchtime. I knew for a friend who was told off for coming in early and leaving at a sane hour.


I couldn’t handle that – I would rather start at 7am and leave at 7pm, or even better 6pm


Because starting early makes no difference to what time you get to leave at, which is primarily a function of the tasks that crop up during the day and depend on the dynamics of the deal(s) you are working on.

Travers trainee

fuck off


Suck my fat cooock u tosser

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