Selfie-taking lawyer gored by bull during Spanish festival

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US criminal defence specialist recovering in hospital

Credit: Atkins525 via Wikimedia Commons

A US lawyer has been gored in the neck having reportedly defied strict rules to snap a selfie during the annual Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona, Spain.

Jaime Alvarez, 46, sustained the harrowing injury during the final stages of Sunday morning’s run, the first of the 2019 fiesta of San Fermin, according to media reports.

The San Francisco-based public defender had thought the coast was clear to shoot a selfie video of him running the 875-meter cobblestone course through the city to the bullring plaza. Reports say he ran most of the course ahead of the pack but upon reaching the home straight, a bull suddenly charged at him and pushed its horn deep into his neck, fracturing part of his cheekbone and narrowly missing major arteries and veins.

Alvarez, who completed a juris doctor at New York City’s Fordham University School of Law, is now recovering in hospital having undergone two and a half hours of surgery.

Commenting on his near-death experience, the criminal defence specialist told NBC 15:

“The joy and excitement of being in the bullring quickly turned into a scare, into real fear for my life. In the course of a few seconds, a million thoughts came to my mind, and that of dying was definitely one of them.”

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Alvarez had attended the festival with his wife and daughter, and according to reports, ignored their wishes for him to not participate in the run. He told NBC 15 he was swept up in the atmosphere of the summertime festival, which is attended by up to one million tourists each year, and that the energy in the streets was too strong to resist.

The controversial festival which is condemned by animal activists takes place from July 6-14. It involves six cattle chasing hundreds of runners through the Spanish city (from their corral to the bullring) each day.

Taking photographs on the course is prohibited under official bull run rules. In 2014 a runner faced a $4,100 (£3,300) fine after snapping a selfie with the stampede.

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Lu the photoshop expert

Absolutely barbaric that this still goes on for “entertainment”. No sympathy at all to those who are injured.



I deplore the exploitation of animals and wholeheartedly oppose this event. However, I am saddened that people who take the same position as me have ‘no sympathy’ for those who are injured.

Mr Alvarez has suffered life-changing injuries, and his wife and daughter were very almost left without a husband and father. Humane and effective opposition to events such as these need not entail cold-hearted contempt for those who are injured.



Why should anyone feel sympathy for the man? He choose to take part in an event which antagonises a bull for fun.

However, I do feel sorry for his wife and kids who have to live with his selfish and stupid decision.



“A bull unexpectedly charged at him”.

If he’d been in Tesco, I’d agree. On the Pamplona bull run it’s pretty fucking expected.







That is all.


Charles Darwin




Comments closing in 3…..2…..1


Maths GCSE



Teacher Creature Feature

The correct answer was “0”.



“The joy and excitement of being in the bullring quickly turned into a scare, into real fear for my life. In the course of a few seconds, a million thoughts came to my mind, and that of dying was definitely one of them.”

Was “I’m an idiot” one of the million thoughts? It should have been.


The bull

You mess with me, you get the horns.


Archibald Pomp O'City

Like others I lack sympathy. Let me be more nuanced: I don’t believe Jaime deserved to have his neck gored. In fact I would have preferred that the whole nasty incident didn’t happen. But he did get gored, and he got gored because he was glorifying the killing of a fellow sentient. He lived by some sort of sword, and was lucky not to die by it.



EXACTLY THIS! Not just the killing of a fellow sentient being, but making a mockery of it first and forcing it to go through prolonged and severe stress.



I hope every f*cker there gets a horn to the throat.


Jake Thackery

Last Word by Jake Thackery “The Bull”.


STEM grad

I have no sympathy for someone who did such a stupid thing knowing the risks. However, I couldn’t care less about the bulls, they’re just animals and it’s none of my business if some people enjoy the festival


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