18 ‘social justice’ training contracts up for grabs at top UK legal charities

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Applications open today

Applications to a legal education charity’s training contract programme open today with its highest-ever number of spots up for grabs.

Now in its sixth year, The Legal Education Foundation’s (TLEF) Justice First Fellowship aims to support the next generation of social welfare lawyers by sponsoring them through their training contracts.

This year, training spots are being offered at 18 social justice organisations across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. They include nine law centres, two law firms, specialist legal charities and advice agencies. A full list can be found at the bottom of this article.

Successful applicants must have passed Legal Practice Course (separate requirements for Northern Ireland and Scotland) and have a “proven commitment to social justice”. This year’s salaries, set by the host organisation, range from £18,000 to £27,000.

Matthew Smerdon, TLEF CEO, said:

“The Justice First Fellowship is playing a vital role in creating the next generation of committed and expert social justice lawyers. As we enter the sixth year of the scheme, we are delighted that this is our biggest solicitor recruitment round yet. The calibre of candidates has been consistently high since the outset of the scheme, and we are looking forward to an equally outstanding intake this year.”

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Alongside their training, rookies will set up and run a project aimed at increasing access to justice, which TLEF says will give them “invaluable hands-on experience at an early stage in their career”. The charity will also provide additional training in skills such as fundraising, business planning, and communications.

Applications for this year’s recruitment round open today and will close on the 16 September. Trainees will take up their posts in January 2020 or April 2020 for Northern Irish positions.

Justice First Fellowship host organisations 2019:

Brighton Housing Trust; Castlemilk Law and Money Advice Centre; Clan Childlaw; Community Law Partnership; Greater Manchester Law Centre; Hammersmith & Fulham Law Centre; Harrow Law Centre; Howard League for Penal Reform; Just for Kids Law; Law Centre (Northern Ireland); Legal Advice Centre (University House); Matthew Gold & Co; Norfolk Community Law Service; North East Law Centre; Shelter; Southwark Law Centre; Speakeasy Law Centre; Tower Hamlets Law Centre.


QMUL Law Student

I’m interested in this having worked at my uni’s law clinic. Is a CMS training contract a social justice training contract? With what I read about pay there, it sounds similar.



Such low effort chat.


QMUL Law Student

Serious question. About to start applying.



Give them the lad points they deserve



Training contracts are basically just massive shag fests in city firms. Would be interesting to see if that culture also exists in these legal shops because the increased diversity would make things more interesting.


Fat Betty's husband




SJWs will be all over it. UK has become such a leftist dump ;( help us, BoJo!



What do you mean that training contracts are a shag fest?



TC’s are not a shagfest.

You need to reach partner or senior associate level before you can start getting your shag game on the regular within the office. Trufax.



Lol why are you lot making it sound like love island. The overwhelming majority of people working in city law firms are ugly. From a lad’s point of view, if you are actually good looking/have game you won’t be interested in any of the women at work.



How tough is it to get a training contract here relative to city firms.



Depends on (a) whether you meet the criteria for this scheme, and (b) whether you meet the requirements for city firms.

If (a) is a big yes and (b) is a big no, then yes. If the other way, then no.


Lord Harley of Counsel

Jaflas has got to be a shoo in.


Kirkland NQ

Can’t buy a Lambo on qualification = massive waste of time



Lambos are so new money.



LPC as a requirement – you must be committed to social justice more than your employers, given that they only want to hear from people with 20 grand to self fund their legal education ?



If you’re going into ‘social justice’ work, get used to subsidising your employers and your clients, by working at a pittance.

You’re going to be doing so for the rest of your life, or unless you lose your youthful naivety and move into a sector which actually makes a profit (if, by that point, you are still employable outside of social justice warrior circles).



The top end of the salary offer is less than what some Paralegals get paid, appalling to be offering such low paid roles to LPC grads who will presumably have massive debts to pay off having finished the LPC.



Do you want the job or not


recently-upped hunnid kay emc assoc




Let’s just hope those that apply are actually interested in social justice and not just failures of it



How do we apply?


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