Love Island 2019: Limerick law grad winner reveals he still wants to qualify as a solicitor

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Pro rugby player Greg O’Shea stays true to himself and snubs post-Island influencer life

Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea (Credit: ITV)

The University of Limerick law grad who won Love Island 2019 has revealed he still wants to qualify as a solicitor despite his new-found fame.

In a recent interview on ITV’s Loose Women, Greg O’Shea revealed that his head isn’t turned by the post-Island life of paid nightclub appearances and sponsored Instagram posts. O’Shea, 24, a professional rugby player for Ireland’s national sevens team, explained that he remains loyal to his lawyer dream and fully intends to crack on with the Irish bar. He said:

“So rugby is my first love and I also want to qualify as a solicitor, so that’s my life. And the only reason I got into the villa was because of that life.”

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Despite being in the competition for only two weeks, late-comer O’Shea managed to couple up with original-Islander Amber Gill. Both went onto win the nation’s hearts as they were voted this year’s winners. Chatting alongside his co-winner Gill, 21, O’Shea reveals how he’s spending his half of the £50,000 cash prize:

“I had a really bad wardrobe going in and [Gill] noticed that, so she said I had to go and get myself a few pieces. So I did a little bit of shopping, got myself a couple of things. But the rest I’m going to invest it.”

O’Shea, staying true to the typical risk-averse lawyer personality, reveals the thinking behind his smart money moves: “You have to invest it and be smart with it, you can’t just blow it all.”

O’Shea, originally from Limerick, but who now resides in Dublin, isn’t the only legally minded contestant to seek out love on the hit reality TV show. Last year, Rosie Williams entered the Spanish villa just three months after qualifying with Manchester-based law firm Just Costs Solicitors.

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Hahah lol, no one will touch him. Imagine being represented by a guy off love island. Fucken tragic



I dunno, I can see a few criminal clients possibly being interested



You are all wrong. After love island he got a paralegal position at one of ireland’s top firms, the only people that paralegal int he firms are those that have training contracts. so , basically he got a TC.

Also, I see the law firms using his million followers to attract the other students



me tinks ee’s quite tick



Hilarious. A phonetic rendering of how you imagine an Irishman to speak. Were there no Punch cartoons available?


Alan P

I agree. It’s full of stereotypes.

Bucktoothed simpletons with eyebrows on their cheeks…horses running through council estates…men in platform shoes being arrested for bombings…badly tarmac-ed drives in THIS country

There’s more to Ireland than this.



Bullshit. When he’ll get those £1m endorsement/influencer deals, he won’t turn that down.


SPB Slave

Amber secretly still loves Michael 😂



Famous? He’ll be forgotten in 6 months!



Thanks for the story Heat magazine



I’ve not seen a single episode of this show because I thought the people on there wouldn’t be regular people. It’s nice to see that someone normal did go in, but equally disappointing to see the old boys club lambasting him for it. Grow up is it lads?



Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible. In all likelihood, he’ll be blocked by idiots who think appearing on a reality show is somehow disqualifying.


Curious onlooker

“But the rest I’m going to invest it”

@Slaughter and May graduate recruitment team – why haven’t you hired this guy? Ruggers and commercial awareness to boot.



to be fair, he has some talent, he was on the show for 2 weeks and won it, if that isn’t the kind of shark you want in your team I don’t know what is, and he also has the slight intimidation of being a minor celebrity, get him in corporate asap


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