Pro rugby playing Limerick Uni law grad prepares to enter Love Island villa

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Love-seeking lawyer-hopeful among three new contestants hoping to shake things up

Greg O’Shea (Credit: ITV)

A University of Limerick law graduate is among three new Love Island contestants joining the cast of the hit ITV show tonight.

Greg O’Shea, 24, a professional rugby player from Limerick, Ireland, studied law at the University of Limerick, graduating in 2017. A Twitter account bearing his name (since deleted) described O’Shea as a “law student”, while his Instagram features “Law📚” in the bio. He has even shared a snap (below) of him clad in graduation robes and tagged “#Law” with his 24,000 followers. O’Shea, who represents Ireland’s national rugby sevens team (but is currently off-season), revealed plans to pass the Irish bar and become a lawyer in a recent interview with the South China Morning Post.

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Degree ✅ #HappyMomma #UL #Law #EasyOne

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For now it looks as if the Irish winger’s lawyerly ambitions are on hold as he prepares to spruce things up in the Spanish villa shortly after Joanna Chimonides’ shock departure.

The summer dating show is now in its sixth week, and with just a couple more weeks to go before the much-anticipated final, who does O’Shea plan to couple-up with? Speaking ahead of his arrival, O’Shea, who has been single for over a year, revealed he has his eyes set on fellow Irish Islander, model and grid girl, Maura Higgins. “Me and Maura will hit it off straight away,” he tells producers, adding “when I have a goal in my life, nothing really gets in the way.” We can’t wait to see how that plays out with Higgins having only just hooked up with professional ballroom dancer Curtis Pritchard in last night’s episode.

The athlete goes on to claim one of his worst traits is that he has an argumentative side that could come out in the villa: “I struggle to bite my tongue,” he admits.

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Smugglin’ 🏄🏽‍♂️

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O’Shea isn’t the first legally-minded Love Island contestant to appear on the show. Last month we revealed Leeds Beckett law grad Lavena Back entered the villa as part of a twist which saw 12 new singletons attempt to couple-up with the existing Islanders to keep their place on the reality show. Back was sent back home after failing to find a suitable match. Last series saw Rosie Williams, a newly qualified solicitor at Manchester-based law firm Just Costs Solicitors, appear on the show. She is yet to return to the law after claiming she earned her year’s salary in a single month since leaving the villa.

You can catch Love Island, which is narrated by University of Edinburgh law grad Iain Stirling, on weekdays and Sundays on ITV2 from 9pm.

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who cares



Fantastic article Aishah. Great job.


He looks like he’s got a mighty pecho, muy bien!

Pop pop bang

You can tell he’s packing something big and vascular beneath that waistband…oh lawd


What a shit uni 😂😂😂

Random passer-by

In fairness, the kid plays rugby at the highest level. I would recruit him over some poxy AAA undergrad from UCL with a 2.1 in law. Keep telling yourself you are special chubby, because you got to the quarter final of your mooting competition.

Random passer-by

Should probably add, this article sucks. LC is going down the drain.


Lol, wrekt.


Sorry? The implication is that you’d hire someone who plays Rugby and goes on Love Island over a red brick grad with a greater, demonstable interest in law. This is what peak retardation looks like kids.

Dry your eyes mate

An Irish rugby player and law graduate with a personality > a 2.1 UCL grad who wastes their time taking digs on legal cheek.

No Irish Universities are red brick because it is an English system. It’s also not really something to write home about given 24 and counting Universities are Red Brick.

Random passer-by

Tbh I was going to ignore that guy. They brought my comment back with more downvotes, even though there were none when the comment was first deleted by LC. It’s not about rugby, it’s about the fact he is an international athlete, which demonstrates characteristics and personalities that UCL LLB and sheltered muppets like that would never understand. It would be the same if a Hollywood actor was applying for a TC, and an Olympic fencer. Being one of the best in your country and on the planet in something is a great achievement, and demonstrates a stamina, drive and determination that any commercial organisation would love. It’s the reason why British Army officers are so loved in industry too. Much better than snowflake tubbies who think they are special because they got AAA and a 2.1, but can’t even walk up the stairs without having a heart attack. The fact I’m even having to explain this pisses me off.

Also as someone who didn’t study in Ireland, my understanding is that TCD and UCD are the best, and equivalent to our top Unis. Limerick is part of the chasing pack, which are not that different in quality. I could be wrong on this.


You are delusional if you think attending UCL, or indeed any university, is a substitute for personality.

Most law students are complete squares and you’ve just proved it. Hopefully you’ll learn when in the real world.


Christ you don’t get it do you…Nobody (especially partners) gives a shit if you’ve got a “personality” when you get into practice. You’re not selling kitchens sweetheart.

The fact is, if your chargeables are high, you’ve got good technical ability and you’re getting good results for clients (who def don’t give a shit about your personality, but def do give a shit about whether you’re handling what they ask of you) you’ll be fine.

Katherine Canoville

Stab City.


He will be thick as fuck


Oh the excitement! I can’t bear the tension! What will the Islanders ™ do next?!


1. Walk around with their tops off, proudly displaying their six packs or cleavage

2. Drink out of their ridiculous water bottles

3. Discuss nothing in particular. Focus if anything on their shallow emotions and disconnect with reality.

4. Kiss each other like first years at the student union.

Am I close?


Does he even lift?


Absolute pecbrah this man


From the photo, looks like he does.


You started off so well, writing articles about how to obtain TC’s, how to succeed on the LPC, and which firms have the nicest offices.

Now look at what you write. Shame.

Archibald Pomp O'City

And yet, you clicked on the headline, which clearly signalled the content…and then you read it.


Most of the people on this web-site (me included) do not read the articles. They read the name of the author and go straight to the comments section to discuss the author, so you are probably wrong.

OP - No one.

Your comment is now out of place. It seems that Aishah is too modest to allow the raving reviews about her stay.


This isn’t legal news. FFS

Diane Abbott QC

Limerick WHAT?

The poet


There was a young lady from Crew
Who rubbed her vagina with glue,
She said with a grin, they’ll pay to get in,
But they’ll pay to get out to!


Outstanding value bantz, 10/10.


there was a young man who played sport,
he was studying law and didn’t get tort,
so he went on a show, to get a quick blow
and now he’ll never litigate inside of a court


There was a young man who played sport,
he was studying law but couldn’t get Tort,
so he went on a show, to get a quick blow,
and now he’ll never litigate inside of a court


Why is LC so keen on Love Island articles??
Stupidity on display, do better!

JD Trainee

I would definitely ride him all night x

Jones Day Associate

Let’s have a catch-up

The comment that took the piss out of the UCL LLB was actually quite good




Random passer-by

Woke up this morning and noticed my comment was gone. Don’t even know why. It seems LC wants this place to be as dry as a bone. Keep fighting the good fight.


Was that the comment pointing out he goes to ucl?


He will be thick as fuck.


His sausage? Oh yeah, definitely thicc


Never watched it never will


Anyone with even a sliver of a connection to the law gets featured pronto on LC


South Morning China Post?

Order your words correctly much, Legal Cheek?!? Apparently not! Fnar fnar fnar fnar


More Take a Break articles from LC. This place has well and truly gone down the shitter.


Can the next article be about how cucks are getting upset because a man who did a law degree is going to earn more money than them going on a TV show, even though they stamp their feet and shout from the rooftops that they’re at a RG uni?


They get £250 a week for appearing on the show and then, what, maybe £10-20k for doing promotional work before they fizzle out 6 months later. Don’t be so ignorant you rookie.


All whilst you’re sat doing your land law revision…


2yr PQE silver circle. I have more than enough money for cocaine and hookers


And yet you are still reading articles about Love Island on LC and commenting on them 😀
Being serious if you are actually in silver circle and writing these comments then its sad. Or you just an insecure student chatting s***t

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