Love Island 2019 winner Greg O’Shea is not working as a paralegal

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Reports had claimed he’d joined Dublin law firm A&L Goodbody

Greg O’Shea (Credit: ITV)

Despite reports to the contrary, University of Limerick law grad turned Love Island 2019 winner, Greg O’Shea, has not secured a paralegal job at a top Irish law firm.

The Irish Star revealed last week that Greg O’Shea, 24, had coupled up with A&L Goodbody, a key player in Ireland’s corporate legal market. The eye-catching appointment — or so everyone thought — was quickly picked up on by media outlets on both sides of the Irish Sea.

Unfortunately, it isn’t true. While A&L Goodbody is remaining tight-lipped on the situation, a source close to the firm has now told Legal Cheek that the reports are not accurate.

O’Shea, who was only in the ITV competition for two weeks, went onto woo original-Islander Amber Gill. The couple quickly charmed viewers and were crowned this year’s winners.

Despite taking home half of the £50,000 cash prize, O’Shea has previously revealed he isn’t letting his new-found fortune and fame interfere with his pre-Island legal game plan. O’Shea — who graduated from the University of Limerick last year — confirmed plans to sit the Law Society of Ireland’s entrance exams this autumn. He said:

“I have exams booked for October, the FE1s, so the plan is to still go for them. I’m not going to forget about my life just because I won Love Island.”

Still, O’Shea, also a professional rugby player for Ireland’s national sevens team, revealed that rugby remains his priority for now. “The plan is to become a solicitor once I retire [from rugby]. That’s the big plan, but I’ll do it in little steps.”

His love of rugby has even trumped a career in TV and show business: “I have been offered a couple of TV shows but I want to get home, home to Ireland and back into my rugby. I miss it. This is my true love.”

O’Shea isn’t the only legally minded contestant to look for love on the hit reality TV show. Last year, former solicitor Rosie Williams entered the Spanish villa just three months after qualifying with Manchester-based law firm Just Costs Solicitors. O’Shea, however, appears to be set on snubbing post-Islander influencer life in favour of legal practice.

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Never thought I’d say it of someone who’s been on Love Island…but this guy seems sensible and smart.



Is forcing each LC writer to make a post about the Love Island Alex’s equivalent of binding a group of subordinates by crime – so that they become more obedient (as there is not way back to normal journalism after that)?



Love island destroy “actual” careers – career herpes


Big Boy

I don’t give a fuck about this guy. I’m only interested in stories about NQ salaries, retention rates at top US firms, and Eve.



Eve is fit though



Don’t be vulgar. She’s attractive, yes, but also fiercely intelligent and kind-hearted.



Like we care. We are shallow.



Eve is a hottie


Grade 8 apparently



She really isnt lol



Oh thank god. This has been causing me untold levels of stress since yesterday when I did not see this breaking news.



Not Oxbridge. Not a magic circle firm. Not an NQ salary of £3.7m.

How is this even news? 🙄



Just glad it’s not another article about Eve Borewell.



He’s really cute. Wonder where all the hate is from.



he won £25k, has a good looking girl, professional rugby player, intelligent, good looking, has doors open for a lot of careers..that’s a lot things people can hate on



I think a lot of people come to LC for articles like this, especially because of the comments that follow down here. If I wanted something serious or engaging, I’d be reading The Lawyer or Counsel.


City slicker

Exactly. I read LC while taking a dump (which I bill clients for, of course) so I’m not looking for War and Peace.


I read the internet on my phone while on the toilet

I do exactly the same! I wonder how many of us there are?



Dumping right now!


George Michael

I read it when someone is in the next cubicle which means I can’t self pleasure






Of course the name of the firm he is linked with is Goodbody. Top bants



Judging by last weeks article the only thing a firm in Ireland needs to do to be top is not abuse their trainees!



Pretty tall order for any law firm.



Are we running stories on people who aren’t paralegals now?

Donald Trump : exclusive, not a paralegal
MC Hammer: not a paralegal
BREAKING NEWS Ainsley Harriott not a paralegal

In fact if you think about it, everyone in the whole world either is a paralegal or isn’t



What about dead people?



What about dead people????



I have consulted the oracle

Dead people: usually not paralegals


Percy Pepper

Can you ask Ainsley what he’s done with Suzie Salt?


Jealous of that 25k for sitting on his bum in trunks surrounded by half naked ladies all summer.what guy wouldn’t be.



University of limerick is probably the shittest uni in Ireland. He is aiming high by saying he’s a paralegal at A&L and if it turns out to be untrue I’d be surprised if any firm in Dublin would ever take him on. Stick to the telly


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