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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

The Supreme Courtโ€™s decision is a constitutional outrage [The Spectator]

Say it with a brooch: what message was Lady Hale’s spider sending? [The Guardian]

Worth a re-read: Lady Haleโ€™s best brooches [Legal Cheek]

Lady Hale: Five things you might not know about the Supreme Court president [BBC News]

Ex-barmaid with a spider brooch who spun legal web that snared PM [Mail Online]

Brenda and the Supremes. Is the Supreme Court inventing a new tune? [Minted Law]

The Supreme Court’s judgment on the prorogation of parliament in full [Scribd]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

The 2020 Firms Most List goes live [Legal Cheek]

When judges dance to a PMโ€™s tune [Law Society Gazette]

Ok. Which Supreme Court justice ordered Deliveroo? ๐Ÿšฒ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ˜‚ [Instagram]

CJEU rules that in right to be forgotten cases a search engine cannot be ordered to undertake global delisting [The IPKat blog]

Ben Stokes v The Sun: gross intrusion or simple reportage? [Informm’s Blog]

“Utter nonsense from the Supreme Court. Sumption was warning us that they would probably do something ridiculous like this. If Parliament does not want to be prorogued, then it can stop it. By passing a law stopping it or passing a vote of no confidence. The courts have no business treading into political territory, doing things that Parliament itself has declined to do.” [Legal Cheek comments]

Jobs, jobs, jobs [Legal Cheek Noticeboard]

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