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The fox, the spider’s web, the frog — Supreme Court’s new president was rocking badges before it was cool

Lord Sumption’s wild hair, Lord Hughes’ rosy red cheeks, ex-president Lord Neuberger’s distinctive slouch — there’s certain things about the Supreme Court justices you can’t help but notice.

For new president Lady Hale, her brooches are her shtick. It’s rare to see the University of Manchester academic turned top judge without one. Here are 12 of our favourites.

1. The frog brooch

This mighty breastpin was worn by Hale as she heard a recent case on the ‘but for’ test. Who else could rock an emerald green, amphibian-themed brooch quite like Hale?

2. The centipede brooch

This image is from Hale’s profile on the Supreme Court website, meaning readers may be particularly familiar with this spangler.

3. The gold butterfly brooch

Hale is giving us creepy crawly realness with this gold butterfly brooch.

4. The gingerbread man brooch

Or what we think is a gingerbread man anyway…

5. The less colourful, but still charming, frog brooch

One from the archives.

6. The silver fire brooch

Which may actually be a bird?

7. The floral brooch

In the snap that rocketed Hale to Beyoncé stardom, the Oxbridge grad was spotted donning a floral-themed badge.

8. The fox brooch

Worn during now deceased justice Lord Toulson’s valedictory remarks was this sporting fox brooch.

9. The thing you don’t really know what it is but it’s pretty anyway brooch

It’s a fetching silver design, but we’re not sure what it’s meant to be.

10. The spider’s web brooch

Sad Halloween is over? Don a spider’s web brooch like Hale to keep the spookiness going 365 days a year.

11. The Supreme Court/butterfly combo brooch

Supreme Court emblem in the middle, butterfly brooch on the left.

12. The beetle brooch

This colourful statement piece was donned by Hale earlier in her justice career, setting her up for brooch stardom.

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