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The fox, the spider’s web, the frog — Supreme Court’s new president was rocking badges before it was cool

Lord Sumption’s wild hair, Lord Hughes’ rosy red cheeks, ex-president Lord Neuberger’s distinctive slouch — there’s certain things about the Supreme Court justices you can’t help but notice.

For new president Lady Hale, her brooches are her shtick. It’s rare to see the University of Manchester academic turned top judge without one. Here are 12 of our favourites.

1. The frog brooch

This mighty breastpin was worn by Hale as she heard a recent case on the ‘but for’ test. Who else could rock an emerald green, amphibian-themed brooch quite like Hale?

2. The centipede brooch

This image is from Hale’s profile on the Supreme Court website, meaning readers may be particularly familiar with this spangler.

3. The gold butterfly brooch

Hale is giving us creepy crawly realness with this gold butterfly brooch.

4. The gingerbread man brooch

Or what we think is a gingerbread man anyway…

5. The less colourful, but still charming, frog brooch

One from the archives.

6. The silver fire brooch

Which may actually be a bird?

7. The floral brooch

In the snap that rocketed Hale to Beyoncé stardom, the Oxbridge grad was spotted donning a floral-themed badge.

8. The fox brooch

Worn during now deceased justice Lord Toulson’s valedictory remarks was this sporting fox brooch.

9. The thing you don’t really know what it is but it’s pretty anyway brooch

It’s a fetching silver design, but we’re not sure what it’s meant to be.

10. The spider’s web brooch

Sad Halloween is over? Don a spider’s web brooch like Hale to keep the spookiness going 365 days a year.

11. The Supreme Court/butterfly combo brooch

Supreme Court emblem in the middle, butterfly brooch on the left.

12. The beetle brooch

This colourful statement piece was donned by Hale earlier in her justice career, setting her up for brooch stardom.

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So one day we have articles about how progressive the judiciary is, and the next we revert right back to talking about what women are wearing?


A trainee

I don’t care at all, but I don’t think this is hypocritical from LC. Hale’s not being judged on her appearance or clothing – they’re just saying her brooches are cool.

Brooches are probably the least sexy accessory there is, so I don’t think this is the same as the Daily Mail’s endless articles on the bikinis or dresses being worn by “celebrities”.

It’s also in the context of LC being obsessed with Hale generally. The praise her for her legal work and skill, and this just sits on top.



Utterly naive populist comment. A perfect example of saying something simply because it can be said.

This is precisely why a hollow liberal narrative is lately being viewed as exactly what it is.

Comment is made about an accessory. Accessory is worn by a women. Proceed to lambast commenter.

Reductive thinking that is a hallmark among the ‘high-minded’ commenters on this website.



This is a joke. Do you not cringe when you post these articles of “content”?



Yep another silly GCSE-style article by LC. It’s embarrassing really.



Katie is trolling us at this point.



Those three years spent getting that law degree were well spent, eh Katie?



Good effort. Like that you implemented the Lady Hale request.

Perhaps next time we could see Alex trying his hand at presenting a training course for legal journalists where the guest list allows fake names to be used and when he starts delivering his course the attendees are revealed as rivals he has been taking content from and the course notes include borrowing content that they challenge him on.



Daily Mail side bar of shame style puffery – reductive and cringeworthy coverage of a prominent legal figure.



“Lady Hale, with her title, her demands for being addressed in special terms, and her brooches looks too vain to do any good with her position to me.” Remarked King Arthur upon receiving this briefing.

“I propose we raise these issues with her and extend her probation period. We can put her under the same sort of pressure as a football manager and see if we can find a more worthy leader of the court system while the extended probation period runs.” He added.

“I say this because I am more interested in justice than brooches. I want my judges to be known for their qualities in justice, rather than for their jewellery. We have to start repairing the kingdom somewhere and sometime. Let us start here.”

Merlin and the Lady of the Lake stirred in their graves.


C Proudman






KK is such a bigot.

How can one day you be writing about progression within the profession, advances in representation etc. and the next you choose to single out the most senior judge in the country based upon her wardrobe.

This is disgraceful.



Wouldn’t call her a bigot.

Inconsistent or hypocritical perhaps but it’s not bigotry.



Casual sexism – do you care what cufflinks Lord Neuberger wore?


Not Amused

In my view it is casual sexism to assume that a woman’s appearance can never be commented on.

On the one hand, this is clearly appropriate, kind, even flattering commentary. No different from the article on Lord Sumption’s ties.

On the other hand it is perfectly possible to make inappropriate comments on the appearance of both men and women. Inappropriate comment about the appearance of male lawyers would include that horrible ‘my barrister boyfriend’ stuff. Which was, I note, only ended once they began to make the same type of inappropriate comment about women and people engaged their brains.

But to have a blanket ban on discussing the appearance of women at all is regressive and misogynistic to me. Little different from insisting women’s bodies be fully covered or women be seen and not heard.

Rules are not simple and should seldom be absolute: lest they become the very wickedness that they purport to prevent. As lawyers it is our duty to think through these matters in depth.



N.A. – wind it in.

You live on the website. Placing an article about a woman’s appearance so close to a previous article about sexism and unwanted attention suffered by woman for the way their look is inconsistent.

I wonder if you are Lydia from ROF in disguise.


Libeturd Leftie

Actually she is commenting on brooches… brooches. She is making no comment on her appearance, the way she dresses, her style of dress, simply her fondness for brooches as an accessory.

I could understand if your argument denotes it as puffery but to denounce it as sexist is simply wrong.

People will moan and bang on about anything to tear another person down. It is shameful.



Supple KT


Everyone needs to chill

I don’t think this is really hypocritical. There is a difference for judging women (and men) solely on appearance, and commenting on a particular idiosyncrasy of someones personal style.

The brooches of Lady Hale are a particular feature of her, the article does not criticise Hale based on her choice of brooch, it is simply noticing the different styles she has worn. It is very different to say, “What a disgrace, that dress is far too bright/flowery/short for X, Y or Z purposes,” and to simply notice that someone has a penchant for a particular pattern/style/quirk of jewelry.

Had Neuberger worn Tardis cufflinks, or sported ties featuring cartoon characters I’m sure that would be commented upon as well (as was done with Lord Sumption..)

Notwithstanding the above, this is a very “Buzzzfeed” article. Legal Cheek manage some interesting ones now and then. This isn’t one of them.



Yep LC loves to copy stuff but then reproduce it in a weaker form. Buzzfeed is a prime example.



Brilliant Frustrated Writer



Thank you Frustrated Writer. Perfect response to this nonsense of an article.



what about lord goddards breeches?



Frustrated writer is the best thing on Legal Cheek. Although when you compare it to this dribble of an article by KK there’s really not much competition.



Ha ha. Bravo Frustrated Writer



“In the snap that rocketed Hale to Beyoncé stardom, the Oxbridge grad was spotted donning a floral-themed badge.”

Alert! Alert! Peak Katie King!



Ha ha. Yep Peak KK indeed!


Sir Joinville , dealer in Objets de Vertu




This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


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