‘Morning… how was your weekend?’

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A Monday funny courtesy of The Sketching Solicitor

The Sketching Solicitor works for a law firm in the City. Enjoy his new series of cartoons every other Monday on Legal Cheek.


Virgil Dicaprio

This is great! I meet so many lawyers who have/need a creative outlet, such as drawing/painting.



There’s nothing more creative than filing a name change application with Companies House.



“funny”? Really?



Is the funny part missing? Can’t see it.



It should be the other way round.


Why do i have to make up a name

Yeh….just a bit off topic..



I don’t get it. Am I stupid? Did the trainee / junior not get a weekend, is that the joke? Or is it still Friday night and the trainee has been allowed an hour off before his weekend gets properly cancelled?

Also, I like the facial expressions this artist draws, but having seen several of their sketches, when is he / she going to learn perspective and depth? Or scale and proportion? Or is it a stylistic thing? The chair on the far left under the trainee / junior’s hand for example is absurdly small. Is the joke the small chair? He doesn’t get a weekend or a sensibly-sized chair?

Back to bed for me.



Don’t forget the mini sized bus in a previous version.


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