Cocaine fine barrister disciplined again — this time for assaulting three people

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BSB suspends Richard Thomas Keogh for 28 days following assault conviction

A barrister who was recently fined for “inadvertently” sending cocaine through the post has now been suspended following a conviction for assault.

Richard Thomas Keogh has been suspended from practice for 28 days after South Essex Magistrates Court found him guilty of assaulting three members of the public.

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) brought charges of professional misconduct after Keogh’s conviction in February 2019. On Monday, a disciplinary tribunal agreed that Keogh had “engaged in conduct which was likely to diminish the trust and confidence in which the public places in the profession”. He can still appeal.

Keogh, who was called to the bar in 1991, previously hit the headlines after being fined £750 for sending cocaine to a barristers’ chambers. At the time, the BSB found that the criminal law specialist had done so “inadvertently” but released no further information.

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The regulator has since published a more detailed report into the incident. It reveals that Keogh had taken “a small quantity” of the coke himself, having been told that it “helped relieve stress”. He then stuck the rest of it in an envelope and forgot about it.

In an unfortunate lapse, Keogh then used the same envelope to send a cheque to an unnamed set of chambers. When they raised the alarm, Keogh contacted the police and later accepted a police caution for possession of one wrap of cocaine.

The report also shows that Keogh already had a previous professional misconduct finding against him — making this suspension his third transgression.

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Lord Thomas

Easily done. 28 days suspension seems harsh.



Just imagine what would SRA do



Why did you delete the reference to Breaking Bad in the end of the sentence? Is LC sponsored by the cartels now?


El Chapo

No me gusta.



I bought my lambo with cost order leftovers


Email lolz

Sounds like a top bloke.



So does your mum


Dr Hamburger

The BSB are way too lax and the SRA are way too strict. Perhaps if we merged them we could actually get one half-decent organisation.



I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees this. Solicitors get struck off for making expenses mistakes, paralegals for trying to dodge parking fines, but counsel can drink drive, assault, and take drugs to the point that they kill their partners and only get slaps on the wrist?



Love the Bolivian powder, so tasty delicious oh yea baby cum yea


Legal Genius

Disbar this idiot. If you’re striking out solicitors over faking an exam, you can disbar this clown as well.


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