Extinction Rebellion lawyers descend on legal London

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Environmental group’s legally-minded supporters brought along a real life Lady Justice

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The legal arm of the environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion descended on the Royal Courts of Justice this afternoon in protest over climate change.

Lawyers for Extinction Rebellion, a group for lawyers, legal professionals and law students interested in climate change activism, gathered outside the capital’s historic court, calling for the profession to “step up and take a positive role in tackling the biggest challenge facing our planet.”

The group, holding a giant pink banner demanding ‘Justice for All’, distributed copies of their lawyers’ declaration complete with the eye-catching pink ribbon which is often seen wrapped around barristers’ briefs.

The declaration — which can be read in full here — argues, among other things, that the legal system is as a “key contributor” to the environmental “crisis”. Lady Justice herself even made an appearance.

Demonstrators stressed that the action was a non-violent form of civil disobedience, and as Public Law Project lawyer Katy Watts tweeted, getting arrested was not on the agenda.

Still, there was a strong police presence outside the RCJ.

And security was also stepped up around Temple.

The protesters persevered, however, and posted their declaration on the doors of Middle Temple and Inner Temple.

There was also what appeared to be a brief stand-off between protestors and Temple security.

The protest is one of a number of demonstrations taking place this week across London as part of Extinction Rebellion’s International Rebellion campaign. Speaking to Legal Cheek about today’s action, legal consultant and Lawyers for Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Ben Metz said:

“The purpose of this action is to raise awareness of both the failure and the incredible opportunities the legal profession has in the climate and ecological emergency. We hope to inspire the hearts of the members of the legal profession, in a friendly and very accessible way, while having fun at the same time.”

This isn’t the first time that the Royal Courts of Justice, which houses the High Court and Court of Appeal of England and Wales, has been targeted by Extinction Rebellion. In July, the environmental group parked a blue boat, emblazoned with the message “Act Now!”, outside the building’s main entrance.

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Mr Pooey Bum QC

Well organised, well financed, plenty of media coverage (much of it positive), and with global reach.

XR is very obviously a deep state “Astroturf” organisation.


Mumma Schwartz

Forgot to take your meds today hun? Don’t forget your tin-foil hat when you go outside xoxo


Mr Pooey Bum QC

Very original quip there, I’ll have to remember that one.

Now you run along back to your state approved news sources, and stay away from those fake news outlets like wikileaks, .gov wouldn’t want you reading anything that we’d rather memory hole.


Alex Jones

Sounds good Gomer, question everything.


Lord Sir Mr Dribblee Nob QC

“Extinction Rebellion” and other climate hoaxes are an aspect of our decline into idiocracy.

It’s amazing how many people will believe nonsense if you repeat the word “science” enough as if it were a magic spell that automatically displaced all critical thought.

These climate hoaxes are designed to distract the plebs from what is really happening.

Funny how Epstein’s mysterious death has been pushed under the carpet.



I sincerely hope someone as deluded as you is not providing legal advice.


Ms Gooey Frunt Hoel (junior barrister)

Careful, sonny. You might come before myself, Dribblee Nob or Pooey Bum in your pupillage interview – and no degree of climate hoaxing is going to make up for a poor 2:1 from the University of East Anglia I’m afraid.


Mr Pooey Bum QC


The climate hoax also serves many of the same purposes as the false-flag terrorist attack. Namely to frighten enough people in to turning to the government for help. This the government willingly provides in the form of more regulation, less civil liberties and higher taxes.



Please mention that in your pupillage ir TC interview.

It’s sharp insight all the other candidates don’t have.



No surprised they didn’t let him in with that ridiculous hair.

Shouldn’t be allowed


Legal Genius

Oh, God… stop these idiots.



Could you add some SpongeBob gifs to the post, Adam? I do not recognise your unique style.


disgruntled of lay

Of course there’s some pillock with a bloody top knot in the ranks…



Oh dear,

Another lot of pillocks demonstrating against the people who are actually solving the problem.

At least the lawyers are not such complete idiots as to get themselves criminal records for a vanity protest for narcissists.



Then some lawyers will fly Club Europe to Ibiza after spending the week ordering Deliveroo by a driver that nearly dies on the journey, with a side of cocaine from exploited Colombians because ‘self care’.

Yes. Yes they are just about smart enough not to stop their gravy train.


Legal Officer with a 2.ii

Powlesland wasn’t taken on as a tenant whilst a pupil after the News of the World exposed his penchant for squatting, in the occupation sense –

Why do they do these things?


King Lord Baron Sir Mr Tiddly Bits QC OBE MBE

The persistence of the climate hoax is a manifestation of the principle that it’s easier to fool people than it is for people to admit they have been fooled.

However, that is not the only element, for climate hoaxing has similarities also with another stubborn myth, that of the all-holiness of “diversity”.

Climate hoaxing, like the “diversity” dogma, obtains a peculiar stubbornness as it appeals to two fundamental human drives: the drive to conform (i.e. to feel safe as part of a group) and the drive to feel superior.

The easiest way for the weak-minded to feel included is to leap on one of these media and deep-state supported projects (climate/diversity) as that guarantees that your views on that topic will be accepted as correct without further ado, and no one will attempt to exclude you on the basis of ideological difference.

And we saw from Saint Greta’s childish tantrum at the UN how totally superior the climate believers feel, and how wholly entitled to rant and abuse those of a non-credulous disposition.

These are not the better angels of our nature.



What would you do if your daughter wanted to marry a Black guy?


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