‘Should I tell my boss I’m taking time off to do a vac scheme?’

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In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one would-be solicitor questions if she should disclose her upcoming vacation scheme to her current employer.

“I have a vacation scheme lined up at a law firm but I’m also currently working with an unrelated employer (though still in the legal industry). I’ve taken time off to do the vac scheme, and they approved it, no questions asked.

Should I tell my current employer about the vac scheme? I haven’t so far as I’m afraid they (obviously) wouldn’t be too thrilled about me looking for better opportunities, least of all doing an internship elsewhere, but I’ve been mulling over whether and how this might come back to bite me.

What if the law firm, for instance, in doing the reference check (either for the vac scheme itself or for a potential training contract offer), somehow discloses to my current employer that I’m doing the vac scheme with them? Or what if they straight up ask me what my current employer thinks of me doing this vac scheme, since they’re also in the legal industry? If I lie and say they approve of it, they can check; if I’m honest and say it was a ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ kind of deal, that kills my chances of getting a training contract offer for being spineless (or deceitful by omission, to put it more lightly).”

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