70% of lawyers worry about letting their bosses down

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Many also fret over lack of genuine workmates, new research finds

An overwhelming number of lawyers worry about disappointing their bosses, according to new research published this week.

The study, compiled by online job website CV-Library, found 70% of legal professionals fret over letting their superiors down, with four in ten (40%) confessing they rely on praise from above to help boost their confidence at work.

Researchers, who questioned over 2,000 UK professionals, also discovered over one third of legal professionals (40%) worry about not having any genuine friends in the office, which the job site says is far higher than the national average of 25.6%.

Lee Biggins, CEO and founder of CV-Library, commented:

“Managers and partners contribute massively to employee happiness in the workplace. But, while we all want to do a good job at work, it’s important that you don’t become solely responsible for your employees’ confidence.

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He continued: “After all, it’s your responsibility to give employees both positive and negative feedback. Give credit where it’s due and offer constructive criticism to help your employees learn and develop. This is crucial if you want to boost your retention rates and make employees feel valued.”

Researchers also found that 60% of “industry professionals” worry about disappointing their colleagues, while a further 70% of workers fret about letting their team down when they’re unwell.

The findings follow CV-Library research that found 50% of legal industry workers suffer from Sunday night fear, with almost two-thirds (61.5%) admitting they’ve pulled a sicky as a result.

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Irwin Mitchell lawyer

And give a shit what my boss thinks


lawyer's boss

lawyers are trained to be unfriendly and hostile though so this is no surprise…



Dear Sirs

We refer to your letter of February 14.

Fuck off. Strong letter to follow.



Do you need to print this email? Like I give a fuck about the environment, but we need to virtue signal.



This email is confidential and privileged. If you have received it in error, immediately delete it and submit an undertaking secured by your first born child.


Senior partner

I’m constantly disappointed



We are also constantly disappointed when we hear you’ve “lost” your email after minimising it.



Where is Kirkland NQ??



Photocopying. And then he has the mail run to do.



If you hit the billable hours, I am not worried whether you worry or not. I’m good like that.


Captain Obvious

And in other news, birds sh*t in the woods



Bears mate, it’s bears


Sir David Attenborough

Bears and birds both shit in the woods. But bears shit almost exclusively in the woods, whereas birds shit every-fucking-where.



I’m a difficult boss to satisfy.


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