Nearly half of lawyers admit to slacking off at work

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Lack of motivation cited as top reason

Almost half of lawyers admit to slacking off at work, new research reveals.

The study, which surveyed 2,000 legal professionals, showed four in ten (42.9%) waste time at work.

When quizzed on why they slack off: a lack of motivation (57.1%); boredom (53.5%); the fact they’re not monitored (42.9%); and “I don’t like my job” (14.3%) came out as the top reasons.

The research also found that despite this high number of lazy lawyers, the vast majority (90.9%) consider themselves to be “successful professionally”.

The 2020 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, the online jobsite which conducted the survey, commented:

“Most legal professionals consider themselves successful professionally, but in my opinion, success includes being energised by what you do — and our results show the opposite. The legal sector is competitive and when your heart isn’t in it, you’re bound to find yourself flagging at work.”

Further findings include over a quarter (27.3%) of lawyers feeling they could get away with flagging at work. This figure significantly increased for senior employees at 81.8%.

The findings are sure to raise an eyebrow among the hardworking lawyers in the City. Legal Cheek’s Firms Most List shows the average junior lawyer working at a magic circle firm or London-based US outfit, can clock up to 12 hours a day.

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Legal Officer with a 2.ii

Of course that barrister lied to you when he said it is ‘the best profession in the world’



We can sit at our desks watching porn and quaffing wine and no-one can say a thing. Better than a cheeky check on Facebook.


Bogrus Balrus

I play games on my phone whilst pretending to shit for at least 45 minutes per day.


Kirkland NQ

This is true. On most days I arrive to the office at 10.00am and retire to the gents’ traps by around 11am for a long, indulgent Tommy tank, emerging only around 1.30pm for lunch. Not bad for £150k a year.



I’m jacking it right now. Easiest money I’ve ever earned



The whole 12 hours clocked a day in the MC/BigLaw is a joke – guarantee 35-50% of a junior’s time in those offices will either be non-chargeable or written down by partners on billing. If biglaw associates were paid hourly with overtime instead of salary with opaque bonus schemes the profession would look significantly different.

Until things change, enjoy those 2 hour lunches! Sorry… 1 hour lunch, 1 hour “non-chargeable business development”.


It is more worrying that there is a Supreme Court decision out there, but LC team is slacking off at work and wasting their time on such articles.



Shut up you nonse



Good idea – if we all spam then maybe the news story will hit their radar


I suggest using “LOVE ISLAND EXCLUSIVE” in the update, otherwise it may be left unnoticed.


I'm at work right now

Lol, everyone wastes time at work. At least the first 50% admitted it.


Secret leftie lawyer working at US firm

I pad up at least 30% of my billables. Most of my bloated US dig bick firm’s clients are either cretinous fat cats or scum of the earth dictatorial regimes. This is my way of taxing them. Plus I get to take home a phat end of year bonus. Winning at life baby yeah


Boffin' Boris

Does intra-mural rutting count as slacking or team building?



Ah, young naive attractive trainees who are keen to impress. That takes me back.



Does reading Legal Cheek at work count as slacking?



No, but posting on it does and I would fire you for it.



Just as well I’m self employed!

In ya face!


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