Meet Manchester City’s new star defender: Lord Pannick QC

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Champions call on Blackstone heavyweight to tackle UEFA ban

Lord Pannick QC

Manchester City Football Club have reportedly called on the services of Lord Pannick QC to help overturn their Champions League ban.

The Blackstone Chambers silk will join the Premier side’s formidable legal team for the appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport against their two-year UEFA ban from the Champions League and £25 million fine, the Mirror reports.

UEFA dished out the hefty punishment earlier this month after it found City had seriously misled European football’s governing body and broken financial fair play rules. The club’s chief executive, Ferran Soriano, maintains that allegations of financial wrongdoing are baseless.

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Pannick, a constitutional law expert, famously represented Gina Miller both when she forced parliament to legislate before Article 50 could be invoked and when she challenged Boris Johnson’s plans to prorogue parliament in the run-up to Brexit.

The report goes on to claim it will cost the football club “around £20,000-a-day” to retain Pannick’s services — which puts the Oxford-educated barrister in the same £100,000-a-week earings bracket as City stars Kyle Walker and John Stones.

The club’s legal line is also said to include lawyers from magic circle player Freshfields, international law firm Pinsent Masons and top London set Monckton Chambers.

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Typical MCFC. Throw money at it and hope that it works.

“Pannick was on the telly … he will do for us.”



Yes not actually choosing a sports lawyer which might be thought to be the better choice.



Blackstone is well versed in sporting disputes


Neil McN

It’s not a sporting matter anyt



I smell a scouser 🤣🤣😂



Rent free, in your heads, forever.



Track record of keeping his clients in Europe.



Terrible track record actually. Despite his efforts, we left on 31 January.


Colin Gorman

No his legal action was successful in forcing parliament to decide on Brexit. It was not to make Brexit happen per se. There was a GE and then 80 seat majority decided to go for Brexit.



He won in court. It’s not his job to win the general election on the same issue.

If Pannick wins again and BoJo strongly disagrees he can always repeat the trick call a single issue GE on City’s adherence to FFP.



It wasn’t a single issue GE though.

Another issue many people voted on: the fact Corbyn was unsuitable to be Prime Minister, presided over an antisemitic party, and has been mates with terrorists his entire adult life.


Resist, Remain

bUt boRis sAid musLiMs Look lIke poStb0xEs!


Got a chuckle. Well done.



City’s orchestrated PR badmouthing of the investigatory process was a fake news piece worthy of Trump. They were caught cheating before, were caught cheating this time and there is no evidence that the ownership will not cheat again in the future if they can hide their actions through more dubious accounting practices. It is time for the Premier League to a take a long hard look at the fitness of the ownership of Manchester City.


Colin Gorman

Stop being bitter and hiding behind a pseudonym.



Bitter? No, I just know what has been going on.

1) City caught cheating before about payments relating to junior players and their recruitment.
2) City blatantly caught manipulating fund streams contrary to FFP by the Football Leak, refused to provide evidence requested by the tribunal and tried to exclude the damning evidence because it was damning.
3) Not a whiff of remorse. The club’s owners treat FFP with utter contempt.
4) City undertook a sustained PR smearing of the UEFA investigator even though the comments that were the springboard for the attacks were beyond criticism.
5) City’s owners are known to despise FFP because it stops them doing exactly what they were caught doing, ploughing excessive funds illegally into the team to distort the competition in their favour.
6) The 2016 issues may well be worse still.



Jealous of City’s success, and protecting the established few, that’s what this is all about.



Cheating. Like the doped up Russian athletes, victory by cheating needs to be scrubbed from the record books.


Scep Tick

“The report goes on to claim it will cost the football club “around £20,000-a-day” to retain Pannick’s services”

Or enough money to save Bury from going under.


Moss QC

The thing about is Pannick is that he always tries to walk it in


Reece Hall

Wasn’t that what FFP was supposed to eradicate?



Yes, but if you were a dishonest cheating club you lied to the authorities about illegal income streams. Which works until someone accesses your internal plotting emails and fake invoices and publishes them.



It doesn’t matter which lawyer they hire. They’ve been exposed as cheats.

Their past achievements will now be talked about in hushed tones, pundits well aware that they were bought contrary to the rules. Typical nouveau attitude, thinking you can buy class.

Manchester City are like the chav who wins £50 million on the lottery. All of a sudden they are rich and thinks it gives them prestige. No one takes any notice. So they buy a big mansion and hold wild parties… no one notices. So then they buy a load of quad bikes, drive over the neighbours’ lawns, portrait photos of them in the tabloids missing a few teeth, finally they’ve arrived. Now they’re in the downward phase where they’ve squandered their winnings and they are slowly going back to being their usual lowbrow selves.

Fingers crossed the Premier League, FA, and Football League grow some balls and strip them of their domestic trophies.

UEFA too… whoops I forgot City always choke in Europe, lol.



No history. No class. Citeh are just a sportwashing vehicle, and they can’t even sportwash without abusing their money.



Your always going to walk alone 😭



Thank you, Lord Pannick.

Now ‘the independence of the judiciary’ and ‘the rule of law’ are exposed for all the world to see as empty, meaningless slogans, whenever a Conservative Government were to do things people such as the likes of ‘Secret so-and-so’ and ‘Adam from Doughty Street’, Michael Mansfield, Geoffrey Robertson, Gareth Peirce, Helena Kennedy etc don’t like.

If Parliament is sovereign, then Parliament is surely absolutely entitled even to pass retrospective sentences if necessary. It is either completely, absolutely and conditionally sovereign, or it isn’t sovereign at all.






Parliament is not, and never has been, entirely sovereign for the reasons set out in British Coal Corp v R as early as 1935.



Which concerned Canadian (and NOT English or British) law.

Have you been let loose from Wikipedia?!



Better make Pannick my captain for next weeks’ fantasy league.


Limpar's wand

As an Arsenal fan, I would normally have every reason to bemoan the money “ruining” the game.

But I have to say this whole anti “financial doping” agenda that we played a big part in promoting from the start of moneyball is, on reflection, complete and utter rubbish. Our own noble custodians sold out to an American sports mogul/Uzbek billionnaire at the first smell of serious money. And monsieur mouthpiece for all this guff was a man pretending to be the voice of reason and “real football” while being paid 15m a year out of our £75 a pop tickets (which forced local fans away from games instead of guardian reading Tarquins and tourists who spend £500 in the club shop).

As a football fan I don’t care whether people pump their own money into football. It is no more wrong or unfair than having a monopoly of just the established clubs and frankly it is far more exciting to have competition for Man Utd, who bought success just as unashamedly before other people had the cheek to try doing it too.

FFP was and is a joke. It is a hypocritical lie designed to preserve the status quo drawn up by people who profit from it. If UAE wants to buy a football club and pump money into it and investment into a UK city then bloody hell let them. You probably would if it was your club. At least then it makes football interesting. I just wish I (and Arsenal) realised this back in the early 2000s when we still had a top team.

If they want to pay Pannick the same they pay an average full back like Kyle Walker then why not. It’s not even a third of what Mesut Ozil is reportedly paid.



Leicester won the league after the introduction of FFP. The owner pumped in a lot of money.

It creates a fair ceiling. It doesn’t prohibit challengers to the established order.

Don’t conflate over-inflates TV deals and Champions League money with FFP.


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