Gina Miller calls on Article 50 team of Mishcon de Reya and Blackstone Chambers to challenge PM’s plan to prorogue parliament

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Getting the band back together

Gina Miller — Credit: BBC News

Gina Miller has called on the services of City law firm Mishcon de Reya and elite super-set Blackstone Chambers to help challenge Boris Johnson’s plan to suspend parliament.

Miller’s formidable legal team — including Blackstone silks Lord Pannick and Tom Hickman — has made an urgent application to the High Court for a judicial review of Johnson’s intention to suspend parliament for five weeks in the run-up to Brexit.

Miller, a prominent anti-Brexit campaigner, used the same Mishcon-Blackstone combo when, in 2017, she won a legal case forcing parliament to legislate before Article 50 could be invoked.

“Whilst prorogation is an acceptable UK constitutional practice, no Prime Minister in modern history has attempted to use it in such a brazen manner”, wrote Miller on a fundraising website set up to cover the cost of her legal challenge. “The effect of which will be to curtail or deny parliament its constitutional right to scrutinise or pass legislation to limit the damage of a no deal Brexit.”

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Miller, who has raised over £50,000 so far, continued:

“The desperation of using prorogation in this manner illustrates just how unscrupulous the Prime Minister and his advisers have become. They would even cause a constitutional outrage to force through their ideological agenda. They know they lack the legitimate and moral authority to involve our elected representatives and are therefore seeking to bypass them.”

Meanwhile, Lord Sumption, a former Supreme Court judge, waded into the debate, describing Johnson’s move as politically “shocking”. Speaking on BBC’s Newsnight yesterday evening, the jazzy-tie wearing former barrister said: “What is wrong with this decision is not that it is beyond the powers of the government but that it is being done for a mistaken political motive.”

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You know … it was her case which has made no deal inevitable.



Would the government have not invoked Article 50 then? Pretty sure that’s what they were planning to do unilaterally.


Jen Hughes

I agree. She should look up what True and Fair means in terms of a democratic vote. She would do well to look at the injustices in India and spend her time and investment firm money on that – why can folk never see the irony in the fighting for so called human rights here in the UK by people from another ethnic background where inequality is rife. Guess they wouldn’t make money or a name for themselves from fighting for folks who really need fighting for.







If G. Miller’s birthplace, Guiana, is “rife” with inequality, could that be connected to its ex Brit colonial character.


Anne solomon

Racist comment



She should remember she is not a spoilt little girl any more that always gets her own way what she is preaching is an-icky



Post-brexit I predict a series of crowd-funded legal challenges to the withdrawal itself, in the hopes that European and UK courts will rule we actually stayed in the EU all along



Three articles in a row, first at 7am. Thomas, you are full of surprises.



I’m by no means an expert, but this seems tenuous. It strikes me they’re entirely reliant on judicial activism. Is there any legal requirement that proroguation not be conveniently timed? Particularly when it’s not as if the proroguation has been scheduled to keep parliament out of session over the deadline itself.


Donna from Archives

‘They would even cause a constitutional outrage to force through their ideological agenda.’

I think she means ‘They are using available constitutional practices to enact the will of the electorate’.



The will of the plebs who don’t know better.



The will of the plebs whose interests, it turns out, don’t align all that neatly with those of your average solicitor. Hard luck pal! You’ll get over it though eh.



It is in nobodies best interests to damage their economy and end up being worse off. Plebs.



Defy the will of the electorate you mean?
You are aware the Queen’s Speech is a perfectly normal part of Government procedure don’t you?
All this is Remainers continuing efforts to subvert democracy!
Their actions are causing that so-called economic slump which is actually world wide effecting the EU especially and given they depend too much on our money you’d think they’d know better!



Mishcon are plebs



We really need to revoke. Certain people need to swallow their pride and realise it is all a big mistake. Too much money and too many lives have already been lost over this. If we revoke there will be a bit of outcry, but that will soon die down and we can get this country back on track.



Hahaha too many lives. Get out of your echo chamber; hyperbole hurts the remain cause far more than it helps



Your response has no substance.



That’s me told, I guess I’m the latest casualty of brexit. Death count: too many +1



You can’t change facts. Idiot.


Can you prove the many totally factual murders of brexit?


Brexit has caused our economy to slump. It is a fact that when people are financially worse off they are more likely to be depressed which in turn results in increased suicide rates.

Separately, I see that my comments have been rated down. No doubt a rogue pro-Brexit individual has done that via bots or some other vile means. Disgusting. The majority of reasonable people will be agreeing with me here – hence the actual genuine upvotes to my comments.


This ‘people have WILL DIE because of Brexit’ is so hysterical it’s embarrassing.

Grow the fuck up.

Signed: a Remainer, but a sensible one.


Don’t tell me to grow the fuck up. That is a needless aggressive position to adopt. I am being perfectly adult about this. You are the one lowering yourself.

Perhaps explain it is hysterical/embarrassing rather than resorting to empty stabs. I explain in my post above the link between the situation and increased deaths. Could you not rebut my arguments, rather than try to stoop low?





Lord Sumption also went on to remark that the legal Challenge is a long shot and that Boris Johnson has acted perfectly legally.



Her and Jolyon would make a good (ie: hilariously smug and awful) couple.



The “will of the electorate” wasn’t a no deal Brexit, it was simply to leave the EU. Out of the 52% of those who voted leave it’s unlikely that all of them would have supported a no deal. In fact the No deal scenario is what the Leavers were calling “project fear” – and is now being touted as the one true Brexit and the will of the electorate. It’s laughable.

The past 2 years have been about deciding the MANNER in which we leave. Deciding we have No Deal is NOT the government’s prerogative – it is within parliaments powers to provide such scrutiny.



Remainiacs are typically afflicted by deficits located in the hippocampus as well as the more obvious frontal lobe lesions which prompt them to noisily march around.

No deal was explicit prior to the referendum:



This isn’t about the deal though is it, beneath all the talk it’s always ultimately been about brexit or no brexit



That’s the real issue. The dishonesty of the Remain camp in saying this was just about arrangements, while they campaigned for a repeat vote, sought to block no deal and pushed proposals that were essentially the same as staying in, has been breathtaking.



You dimwit. No one has died from Brexit. No one. That is a fact.



Actually hundreds have. Brexit has really screwed over the economy and increased depression and suicide rates.



Thousands, you mean?



Really? Where are the figures?

Even if the suicide rate has increased (which is completely unproven), how do we know it’s got anything to do with Brexit? Are these suicides leaving notes saying things like “I can’t live without the Cheese (Import and Labelling) Regulations 2010 anymore” or “I am so disgusted by the anti-European attitudes of people in Stoke and Tredegar that life no longer has meaning for me”?



It is hard to produce figures on suicide rates as they are versus what those rates would be had things gone differently.

What you can look to is stagnation of the economy (that is hard to ignore), and the depletion of the value of the currency (that certainly cannot be disputed). It follows from those two facts that people struggling financially are more likely to fall the wrong side. Bankruptcy, eviction from homes and other financial difficulties are known to be important factors in driving suicide rates up and down. To me the link is pretty clear cut.



“Brexit has really screwed over the economy”??? Growth in the UK has been higher over the post June 2016 period than in the Eurozone, and inward investment has held up very well.



The rabid Brexit loonies are trying to rewrite history yet again it seems. Straight out of the fascist handbook.

A No Deal Brexit was simply not on the cards during the campaign. The public were assured for years that the government would deliver a deal with the EU.

This cowardly act by Johnson and his cronies to bypass parliamentary scrutiny is illegal.



Straight out of the National Socialist Workers’ Party handbook. The fact is that a No Deal Brexit was explicit during the campaign, over and over again. Remainiac loonies pretend it wasn’t but like everything else they say it’s just rubbish:

‘And at the end of that two years there is no guarantee that agreement will have been reached – but our exit would be automatic’. Philip Hammond 25 Feb 2016

‘Once you invoke article 50 it is a one way street to the exit which will happen in two years – with no agreement of any kind if necessary’ Dominic Grieve 22 Feb 2016

‘There’s relying on our existing membership of the World Trade Organisation’. Nick Clegg 18 April 2016

‘We could pull out of the EU and fall back on World Trade Organisation Rules’. David Cameron 10 March 2016

‘At the end of those two years you are out and you have to operate under World Trade Organisation rules’ David Cameron 2 June 2016



Those are quotes.



Those are quotes. Well observed.



As Andrew Neil once put it “Is this a rich womans hobby for you”


Bilderberg Alert

Lord Sumption is interesting. Here is how.

Sir Keith Joseph was a member of the Bilderberg think tank(BB). His Wikipedia page shows how he influenced Thatcherism. I think we can speculate that that is Bilderberg speak for saying ‘Chase Manhatten’s clients and investment profit cycle are being restricted in the UK by the public sector control of telephony, coal mines and gas. Mr Rockefeller is wondering whether the politicians in the BB can privatise it and create commercial competition so that his current clients or new clients can profit from the market. He has suggested pinning this project to an economic policy fastened on to the political career of one of his younger contacts “.

I mention this because LS used to be an advisor to Sir Keith, firstly, and secondly he had a stellar legal career.

I wonder to myself sometimes whether BB influences the judiciary.

Obviously, the independence of the Judiciary is championed on the one hand, on the other, you may not have heard the surname Joseph before, but see if you recognise these below.

Wouldn’t it be spooky if LS was wrapped up with these peeps, and Lord Hailsham, Lord Chancellor 1979 to 1987 marked him as one to watch, or even , one to brief ?

LS became a QC in 1986.

Will we ever know what used to go on between the mighty Rockefeller and his network ?

So, the list includes

Rees Mogg

The list of bankers, media, industrialists is amazing, too.

Do you remember poor old Arthur Scargill ?

Perhaps, then, you will recognise


Imagine knowing all those people were purposefully connected and Thatcherism arose. Imagine you knew, but nobody on the outside knew you knew.

Imagine if no one suspected anything.

Well, I do wonder, I have to say.

Upon wondering, I wonder if BJ has joined a rival to BB.

And Farage, what about him ?

Do you think LS would brief us all, and put us in the picture about what he was privy to, and what he advised Sir Keith Joseph on , and then we could follow Brexit with the true benefit of his, I speculate, keen eye ?


Someone who stopped believing in the Bildebergs after the age of 10




At 9 years old you believed that David Rockefeller, as the richest man in the world, wielded influence for his banks, other banks and their clients…then at 10, you stopped ?

It sounds like bullshit to me.

A lot of people find it so depressing, this influence, that they do not want to face it.

Others deflect from it as a matter of religion.



I think you might be onto something here. Don’t let the naysayers put you off.

Have you noticed that “judges” has six letters, as does “lizard” “prince” and “aliens”? I am really concerned that our judiciary may no longer be human. This needs to be investigated.



Thanks I won’t let them put me off.

I guess the six letter idea was meant to be a joke.

Pierre has six letters too.

Pierre Trudeau. Also on the membership list from that time.

Funny you should say Prince, too.

You know who is not listed as Prince, actually, but H.R.H.

I suppose you don’t know any better. It is exciting trying to do a hatchet job isnt it ? You will get bored of it though if you are bright. If you are overpromoted, you will not get bored, alas, and you will do the harm you intend.




‘Legal Officer’, never barrister

Great stuff.

It’s all so tribal, isn’t it?


Boris S Potter

You have been spotted. You are Grassy Knollington and I claim my free five pounds. Payment in US dollars please, the ones with the illuminati pyramid on them.



Comrades, the point is not so much about think tanks and David Icke, rather it is do you wish for Lord Sumption to brief you so that you rein in his secretive headstart ?

Thumbs up for, yes, you would like to be briefed.

Thumbs down for no, I do not wish to be briefed.



Can’t say I have much interest left for all this clownery but wasn’t this “no deal” simply always a bluff to improve our negotiating position with the EU?

It’s a bluff that was clearly lost on Theresa May and (unsurprisingly) she got a bad deal from the EU. it may well be too late now.

But surely no-one in government, certainly not Boris Johnson, actually wants no deal to happen.

It seems that this may have been lost on many people.



Beautiful woman


Legal Officer with no law degree

Yes. So much better than the bloated, mouth-breathing harpies who voted Leave



Can’t wait for no deal. When the plebs who voted for Brexit get screwed over as the economy collapses.

Starve you selfish bastards. Eat your chlorinated chicken shit heads.



Flu season. We need a good hard flu season to mop up the racist pensioners.



Oh yes. A flu epidemic and a lack of medicines will wipe out the coffin dodgers.



Stupidity is a terminal condition. I don’t give much for snowflake Remainers’ chances in the short term.



You will be left with egg on your face when Brexit happens and everything is ok i bet you hope it is bad so you can tell us I told you so you sad thing !!!!!
But it will happen what ever you do .



Mishcon de Reya is not a City law firm. It is a West End law firm.



Too much wealth and self interest. Let the public lazy servants carry out her wish list.


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