BPP postpones LPC exam following new government COVID-19 advice

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Tomorrow’s assessment due to take place at London’s ExCeL centre will now be re-scheduled

London’s ExCel centre. Credit: David Parry/PA Wire

BPP University Law School has confirmed a Legal Practice Course (LPC) exam due to take place tomorrow at London’s ExCeL centre will now not go ahead in light of new government guidance in response to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Earlier today Legal Cheek reported the assessment was going ahead as planned but that students who felt unwell, anxious or concerned could opt to sit it at a later date.

But in past few hours Boris Johnson urged the public to avoid “non-essential” contact and work from home where possible in a bid to curb the spread of the virus.

The 2019 Legal Cheek LPC Most List

In light of this development, BPP has now postponed tomorrow’s exam.

In statement to students, it said:

“The policy of BPP has been and is to follow the advice of Public Health England. Today (at around 5pm) the government has issued some further guidelines in connection with COVID-19. Based upon the new guidelines given today we have decided to postpone the examination scheduled for tomorrow.”

BPP added: “We will work to schedule a new date as soon as possible, when it is safe to do so.”

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Good decision. In fairness to them all they’ve been doing is following government advice. Not easy for any business with the situation changing so quickly.


Too little too late

BPP seemed to be the only uni/law school in London “following government advice”. Blindly picking a policy to do as Boris says and sitting on it in the face of student uproar and common sense does not deserve credit.



Think it is extremely poor that legal cheek is reporting that this has happened only In London, this is happening in all regions also! How dare you only report from London, it’s as if London is only the one that matters. The regions have been affected too.


JDP in Rehab

What took you so long Beepers? U Law, Kings, UCL, LSE, QMUL had already realised & gone to contingency plan mode (online classes, rescheduling exams – though tba, or open book exams) whilst you were still asking “What’s Covid-19?” Duh. Your track record on communication with students, general admin and exam procedures is not exemplary to say the least. To tell students at 6.00 p.m the day before an exam at 10.00 a.m that it’s cancelled is absurd. Excuses of waiting to follow government advice don’t cut the mustard. Not all students live in London. Some have travelled nervously on transport, bemasked & worried, perhaps arranging to stay with a friend or relative only to be told it’s a no. Management synonymous of toddlers in a boardroom. Time for SRA & law firms to explore/agree open book exams so that this cohort of students can get a qualification and where applicable start TCs. Otherwise there’ll be a pile up of trainees in the system unable to move forward & law firm graduate recruitment departments on meltdown. Or, figure out how those with TCs can start at their firms in Sept and perhaps take exams in Dec/Jan?


Timing is everything.

Boris could have at least done the announcement at 09:00, instead of 17:00. Its not convenient having to deal with ramifications of offices having to shut down effect when everyone has gone home, computers or not.



Or BPP could have make a decision without Bojo as most other London law unis have


17.00 – everyone has gone home. What are you doing on a legal web-site (even if it is Legal Cheek)?


El Bosco

SRA should also hang their heads in shame. Unwilling to modify the rules with regard to the exams tomorrow even during a global pandemic.



BPPs communication has been very poorly. Disappointed to have chosen this university because of their ‘professionalism’. This has shown how poor their admin, general management, communication and empathy is. As other have said, several universities cancelled face to face classes and exams last Thursday. But BPP finally understood a day before the exam how dangerous the situation really is. Following the government’s opinion was just an excuse. We didn’t even get an email until 2 hours after there was an announcement on the VLE. If students didn’t look at the announcement page, some would have still thought the exams are going ahead. Then when we finally get an email, there is no sign of human understanding of how upsetting this whole situation is. No apology. No acknowledgment that BPP made a mistake. No understanding that students were anxious about attending the exams but still revised. All this could’ve been avoided when BPP assessed the situation properly, like ULaw and other institutions, on Thursday. This has not just affected the London cohort but every other location too.


Health & Safety...

Unfortunately, ULaw have not cancelled LPC exams for some LPC students. They’re set to take place late this week and next.

So take heart BPP students, your Uni at least saw the reality of the danger eventually….


Common sense

It’s clear to see that all of you berating BPP for initially planning to vote ahead with the exams are either deluded, simple or both. ULaw if you bothered to do ANY research still plan to go ahead with the exams and are yet to postpone them unlike BPP just have.. you imbiciles


Common sense

Those of you berating BPP for initially planning to go ahead with the exams are either deluded, simple or both. ULaw of are STILL going ahead with the exams and are yet to announce otherwise. You imbiciles.



Just came here as they’ve closed comments on the Assange story.

Can all the apologists for Assange please stop it? For all your attempts to paint the UK in a bad light on this… the truth is your noble philosophy of liberalism is being twisted into something quite opposed to western democracy.

Assange is an anti-Western conspiracist. Most of his followers are too, the ones that aren’t merely naive at best. His actions, the whole way through, have been aimed at damaging the western order.

So have a think about that.


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