COVID-19: MoJ lists which lawyers are ‘key workers’

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Their children can attend school or nursery from today

The Ministry of Justice has announced which legal practitioners will be classified as ‘key workers’, enabling their children to attend school from today whilst they deliver essential service during the COVID-19 crisis.

The government published its list of key workers on Thursday which included, among others, those “essential to the running of the justice system”.

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) yesterday clarified the legal practitioners covered within this category, with a particular focus on the continued operation of the courts and tribunals. The category comprises:

– Advocates (including solicitor advocates) required to appear before a court or tribunal (remotely or in person), including prosecutors;

– Other legal practitioners required to support the administration of justice including duty solicitors (police station and court) and barristers, solicitors, legal executives, paralegals and others who work on imminent or ongoing court or tribunal hearings:

– Solicitors acting in connection with the execution of wills; and

– Solicitors and barristers advising people living in institutions or deprived of their liberty.

Only legal practitioners who work on the types of matters, cases and hearings listed above, will be permitted to be classified as a key worker, the MoJ stated.

The 2020 Legal Cheek Chambers Most List

In addition, it said some legal practitioners will intermittently fall into this category because they need to provide advice or attend a hearing for an urgent matter relating, for example, to safeguarding of children or vulnerable adults, or a public safety matter. For the limited time required to deliver this work, a legal practitioner will be deemed a key worker.

The government guidance makes clear that if the children of key workers can be safely looked after at home then they should be.

The Law Society, the professional body governing solicitors in England and Wales, said:

“Solicitors will need to decide responsibly for themselves whether they fall within the categories outlined, within the spirit of being essential to the running of the justice system, in accordance with the overriding objective of keeping children at home wherever possible.”

In a statement Amanda Pinto QC, chair of the Bar Council, said: “Barristers should decide for themselves whether they fall within the category of key worker and, if so, whether they can nevertheless keep their children at home or need to send them to school.”

From today schools across the UK have closed until further notice to curb the spread of the novel virus. The children of key workers, however, will still be able to attend.

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Narcissist Commercial Barrister

I’m paying an absolute fortune for my children’s private school fees. That’s why their schools need to keep them out of my way.

How very dare I not be seen for the sexy, supremely intelligent God that I am! Of course I should be classified as a key worker!

I’m furious. So furious I’m going to let everyone on Twitter see how furious I am!!!

Please like me?


Kirkland NQ

Agree! Life is very unfair. A lot of people also do not appreciate how important private equity is for the survival of society.


Narcissist Commercial Barrister

We should encourage the profession to give a single hour of their billable time to support us in our hour of need.

No need to get mucky and actually, you know, achieve anything like a marathon or something whilst panhandling.

My God, think of all the Twitter ‘likes’!!!



Why are the courts implying lawyers should attend public court buildings??
Do barristers and judges have covid-19 immunity?
Seems the height of negligence to me. Have they not heard of Skype?
And as for putting members of the public at risk.
Err….duty of care???



They are there to finish the law they started
And the security staff at the front doors are not counted but without them checking people the system would collapse
Have a thought for all trying to keep things saine and safe actions the country


Commercial King

As a commercial QC I see no reason why I and my clerks should not be deemed key workers? Who will fetch my bundles? Who will fetch my £6.30 coffee? Who will print off papers for the sake of it? Who will scratch my balls whilst my hands are otherwise engaged with picking my Tory nose & slicking back my coarse pube like eyebrows?



Are Commercial lawyers key workers then?


Narcissist Commercial Barrister

I self-identify as a key worker.

Be kind. Love is love, and I love earning without my kids under my feet at home.


Dave Barrister

If you have a trial listed with attendance required I don’t see why not… The administration of justice is important and it’s not for the Bar to dictate which parts must function and which parts can fall by the wayside. That is a matter for apparently greater minds.

I have a commercial trial starting this week which is not being converted to telephone/video link. I don’t think it should proceed, (it’s people arguing over cash with no (apparent) reason the resolution of the dispute cannot be delayed) but it’s not my decision to take…



The administration of justice…. yes it’s important that the urgent stuff is dealt with, remotely if possible. Commercial disputes, PI, employment, shipping, tax and the like can wait 3 months or however long we need to keep people inside.



On the contrary, urgent commercial and insolvency disputes have to be dealt with as and when they arise. The speed of the onset makes this even more likely than in 2008.



Yes, the criminal lot think they are so so special.


No, but they are C**t’s!


Carbolic Smoke Ball

Well thank you, I take that as the highest compliment.



This seems to have made it less clear. If commercial lawyers are preparing for an upcoming court session, they would be key workers? But then it talks about intermittently falling into this catagory for safeguarding and public safety matters – which would imply that it only applies to these areas and the deprivation of liberty.

Or have I mis-interpreted this?



So how long will City lawyers be working from home?


Kirkland NQ

Working from home is depressing, I prefer to work from my lambo (though it is a bit uncomfortable).



Use the Maybach, darling, for that sort of thing.


Kirkland NQ

I guess my yacht can be classified as home, although not sure how I’ll get to her mooring in St Troopez.



You could use the time to learn how to spell Saint-Tropez, you ignorant oik.


No mention of Judges so who are these people appearing before?


Northern Stage 3 Beast

So pleased that the govt has enough sense to recognise my invaluable contribution to the smooth running of this society.

Choo choo! The Birkenhead Express keeps on rolling! To the apocalypse and beyond!!!



And if a hearing is going badly, just throw a coughing fit?



Just present you client or instructing solicitor with an interim bill, wait for the spluttering to begin and then void the trial…and present them with a bigger bill next time!


Rubbish PI barrister

Quite right too. The country would grind to halt if my masterful submissions on the Judicial College Guidelines went unheard.


something J

So is the Clapham Omnibus still running or not? Very unclear.


Breach of contract incoming....

How about us mere conveyancers?



No work for you until the executors getting going sell off the properties in Autumn.


Mick c

What a load of toseers you lot are you all need someone to wipe your arses with a bag of flees


Narcissist Commercial Barrister

I see you lack the necessary intellectual capacity for the Bar, and would be best suited to cleaning chambers’ floors.

Why can’t you Be Kind to people?

Please like me? I once set up a charitable PayPal link!


Kevin Daly

The world is now a safer place due to solicitors and barristers especially in the commercial sector unable to work, it is safe to say that any two legal professionals will argue about 2 flies going up a wall even after the flies have gone.


Kevin Daly

The world is now a safer place due to solicitors and barristers especially in the commercial sector unable to work, it is safe to say that any two legal professionals will argue about 2 flies going up a wall even after the flies have gone. The posts here just show the point, we are in lockdown, live with it like everybody else, you don’t have to like it, but for all our sakes you need to live with it.


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