Lawyers working from home urged to donate commute savings to COVID-19 charities

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Herbert Smith Freehills associate says City professionals are inadvertently saving up to 13 quid a day

A City lawyer has launched a campaign calling on commuters kept at home by coronavirus to donate their “inadvertent economies” to charity.

Jake Savile-Tucker, an associate at Herbert Smith Freehills, says that professionals now working from home will save up to £65 a week from not taking the Tube to work.

He’s set up a fundraising page for the newly socially distant to donate that cash to charities battling the impact of coronavirus.

Like much of the City, Savile-Tucker is now working from home — and realised how much he stood to save from no longer commuting to the Liverpool Street office.

The young arbitration lawyer reckons that the cost of daily Tube fare and a coffee comes to 13 quid a day.

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The idea is to calculate how much you personally stand to save and donate to help those thrown out of work altogether by the ongoing economic collapse.

Over 100,000 people applied for benefits on Tuesday alone, according to the Department for Work and Pensions.

Savile-Tucker tells Legal Cheek:

“All you have to do is tally up the savings you will make by not travelling into the office and spending money on things like food and coffees and then convert that into a donation for the National Emergencies Trust. This is an organisation which works collaboratively with a wide range of charities and grassroots organisations to ensure the maximum amount of money is raised and distributed securely, effectively, and fairly to those organisations and local charities who can do most to help those in need.”

The fundraising page, hosted on GoFundMe, has an initial target of £5,000. The overall National Emergencies Trust appeal has raised £11 million in its first week.

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A good start comrades!

In fact, City lawyers need to be giving what they should be taxed at – 75% on all incomes above £29,000, to fund a liveable Universal Basic Income for all!

Jeremy Corbyn is retiring, but Becky Long Bailey will continue his golden legacy of winning the argument!

Coronavirus is implementing socialism without an election!






Agreed comrade

Annual salaries for essential workers:

Hospital cleaner – £16,551
Bin collector – £17,093
Retail worker – £19,094
Nurse – £22,654
Social care – £25,692

Socialism and a Universal Basic Income is inevitable after coronavirus

General strike now



Probably best to tuck those savings away in a rainy day fund for when the redundancies inevitably start to hit



And the tax hikes kick in to pay for all these excessive handouts. £4,000 pension contribution relief caps, FFS, these Tories were socialists before this crisis.



If you’re Restructuring bod fair enough, but can’t imagine many deal teams are going to be up for it given the inevitable redundancies.



To be fair all those commutes savings are now eaten by paying for your own dinner (be it Deliveroo or home cooking). Unlikely that anyone’s expenses will go down now.


Truth serum

What are you on about? I’m saving £200 a month on my oyster card. I’m also saving over £200 on lunch in the City (£8-12 a day on average for 4 weeks). So that is a decent whack. I don’t spend all of that on food at home, partly because I’m not an overweight comfort eating joker, and partly because I know how to cook so don’t order Deliveroo/Uber Eats. If you want a pizza, walk to the supermarket and buy one for £5 rather than spend £15 on crap pizza from Dominoes or whatever else the plus sized eat these days. Or buy some bread, put some cheese, basil and tomato on top and stick it in the oven. Very easy to oven roast chicken, lamb and pork too. I work in a transactional area so am currently crapping myself about redundancy. Need to save.



You don’t toast the bread first? What the hell is wrong with you?


Truth Serum

Big man you can put slices of bread on a tray into the oven (highest temperature) and it will be better than toast. Put some butter on it, and trust me you won’t go back.



I understand the concept of heat turning bread into toast.

What is completely wrong is putting all those toppings onto a weak foundation such as bread. The timings just aren’t there. The cheese will be evaporated before the bread toasts all the way through.

I think your mind has socially distanced itself from reason.


What are you talking about, Truth Serum?

I work in disputes and will be working 18-20 hour days for next couple of years (judging by hearing schedules) so do not have time to cook at home. Not sure about point on pizza’s and pork – I use my Deliveroo to order healthy food / sashimi / poke bowls. I think it is you who is not eating healthy.


Random passer-by

If you’re ordering sashimi and poke bowls on Deliveroo to save yourself time at home because you can’t be bothered to take 15 minutes to put a meal together, that says it all really. Good grief.


Crap junior hack

What a wet.


Elite Lawyer

No. I am spending my hard earned money on new shoes. Bugger to the charities.



We need to work on our summer wardrobes. When we are all let out again it is going to be one rutfest on Tinder.


£3.50 falafel wrap

You spend £8-12 on lunch everyday?! Heavens above. You will come back down to Earth with a bump.


Voice of Reason

To be fair, a £3.50 falafel / shavarma wrap may add more to your bump than a £12 buddah bowl / Salad Nicoise.



absolute whopper


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