Vac scheme latest: White & Case, Latham, Mayer Brown and Sidley suspend spring programmes

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London-based US law firms heed government advice

The London offices of US law firms White & Case, Latham & Watkins, Mayer Brown and Sidley Austin have confirmed the suspension of their spring vacation schemes in view of the virus pandemic.

W&C’s spring vac scheme was due to start today (23 March) until 3 April but has been pushed back until a later date, the firm confirmed to Legal Cheek.

Latham said its spring vacation scheme (30 March until 9 April 2020) has been put on hold but did not provide details on when it is likely to be rescheduled.

“With the safety of students, colleagues, and the wider community in mind, we have postponed our spring vacation scheme,” a spokesperson said. “We have informed the attendees and look forward to welcoming the students at a later date.”

The US outfit confirmed its first and second-year open day, due to take place on Wednesday (25 March), has also been postponed.

Mayer Brown told Legal Cheek its spring vac scheme (30 March until 9 April 2020) has been deferred until later this year. A spokesperson said: “In light of the rapidly developing situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and in the interests of our vacation scheme participants, our forthcoming spring vacation scheme programme will be postponed to later in the year.”

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They continued:

“We are committed to offering scheme participants the opportunity to attend either our rescheduled spring scheme or alternatively join one of our scheduled summer schemes [22 June until 17 July 2020]. We are working with those concerned to achieve this goal.”

Sidley Austin’s spring vac scheme (30 March until 9 April 2020) has been postponed due to COVID-19 until the summer, the firm confirmed. It will run from 8 until 19 June 2020.

View a list of spring schemes postponed due to COVID-19 so far. This page will be updated as we receive new information.

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Dr Fuchs, CFA

This has all the indicators of a massive economic recession. Save your cash and say your prayers kids, this is going to be far worse than the 2008 crash.

I expect firms to start redundancy consultations within the next six months, if not earlier. TC numbers shall be slashed, and future trainees told (I hope) to defer, but they may well have their offers revoked.

To think that the Dow hit 29,551 on 12 Feb 2020…look at it now.



Disagree. This isn’t 08. You’ll get a very sharp fall but also a sharp bounceback. Nothing fundamentally wrong with the economy.



Except for all that debt governments are taking on and the collapse of fiscal revenue streams…..



Except for the 0% interest rates

And massive wall of debt


Modern monetary theory

Most of it’s QE rather than borrowing this time around, anyway.

Money printer go brrrrr, etc.


The Big Short enthusiast

There is no systematic flaw, such as bubble which led to the 2008 crash.

COVID-19 is just a black swan event, the markets will likely stabilise in third quarter.

Stuff your cash under your mattress if you want though lol



Hahah you’re utterly delusional mate. Let’s talk in six months when you’re in the queue at the local job centre 😂😂😂


The Big Short enthusiast

Awful banter.



Not banter mate, harsh reality. Better get the JSA application ready looooooooooooool

Look at this ngga

A black swan event that triggers 30%+ drops on virtually all stock indices in the world eh? What are you smoking pal, I want some of that.



Firms with strong fund secondaries practices / distressed finance providers / restructuring teams should weather this fine,



Yeh yeh sure mate, good luck lmaoooo


Busy disputes associate

What is your problem, dude? Obviously restructuring and disputes would be better than some finance and corporate for the next 6 months but it will rebound pretty fast (probably a bit slower for those working with Energy deals, IPOs and M&As). But they will also be just fine.


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