Revealed: The law firms with the best canteens

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Salad bars, coffee on tap and an in-house pastry chef! Your lowdown on the law firms keeping lawyers’ rumbling tummies at bay

From eggs poached to perfection to dinner delivered to your desk (by the firm’s dedicated waiting staff, of course) — junior lawyers are well-fed at work but which firms came out on top in the ultimate food face-off?

We put the question ‘How do you rate your firm’s canteen?’ to over 2,000 trainees and junior associates at the country’s leading corporate law firms, as part of this year’s Legal Cheek survey. Respondents rated their firm canteens on a scale from one to ten — with one defined as ‘Dengest lunch’, and ten as ‘Pengest munch’.

Ten firms have been commended for their culinary delights. Here is the shortlist, listed alphabetically, for the best law firm canteen 2020:

The winning law firm will be announced at the Legal Cheek Awards 2020, an invite-only virtual event taking place on the evening of Thursday 26 March.

The 2020 Firms Most List – featuring the Legal Cheek Survey results in full

As part of this year’s survey we received hundreds of anonymous comments from rookies on the quality of the food served up in their very fancy cafeterias. Comments varied from “dat leng scran tho” to “our kitchen should have at least one Michelin star”. Here are a select few from some of the firms listed above:

How do you rate your firm’s canteen?

“We have a great canteen with three hot options (one veggie), a salad bar, a sandwich bar, soup station, deli, selection of readymade sandwiches and a great coffee bar with pastries made in-house by our dedicated chef! The canteen staff change the menu every week and are always looking for feedback to improve. Chicken shawarma is my go-to when available as is Friday fish & chips. Full English breakfasts are served every morning as well as granola and a porridge station. There are freshly poached eggs, recently added avocado toast and a weekly omelette station too.”

“Our canteen has its own Instagram page…”

“London canteen — stellar. Serious bang for your buck and the food is great with lots of choices. The northern canteens, however, room for improvement. Everything tastes like it’s had a large amount of salt added to it and it’s very hard to eat healthily (although this is quickly improving!) Also a weird obsession with putting things ‘in a wrap’. The ‘chippy tea meze’ consisting of various deep-fried things was a particular ‘highlight’ in the terrible food stakes. However, we will all always love the shawarma and pancake Thursdays in Manchester. Also some of the best hash browns I’ve ever tasted, and I include McDonald’s in that. Great views from the canteens in Manchester and Leeds. No canteens in the Scottish or international offices.”

“Salad bar is off the chain. Food is generally very good with a focus on sustainability. Menu has its staples but there are often pop-ups relating to different cultural events that take place within the year.”

“The food is really good and very heavily subsidised. You would be unlikely to spend more than £4 — even on a larger meal. Every day there is a ‘brasserie’ option for £3.50 which could be straight out of a restaurant. All you can eat breakfast on a Friday for £2 with great veggie options. The canteen is on the ninth floor and has views across London. You can also enjoy your food on the roof terrace outside.”

The winning law firm will be announced at the Legal Cheek Awards 2020, an invite-only virtual event taking place on the evening of Thursday 26 March.

The 2020 Firms Most List – featuring the Legal Cheek Survey results in full



Brothers! Sisters!

These perks should be open to all! We need to make sure that cleaners and support staff have access to these canteens!

And asylum seekers and the homeless!

Jeremy Corbyn’s successor will implement socialism in the UK! A windfall tax on City greed!




Dark Destroyer

This ones been in isolation too long.



Brothers! Sisters! Xers!

It is only at a time of crisis do we appreciate the need for a universal basic income!

It will be funded by a windfall tax on all wages higher than the median of £29,000.

A windfall tax on City greed.


OOOOOO Jeremy Corbyn


US firm top boi

Lmaoooo yea all these flush canteens and now you’re stuck with cold porridge in front of your sad laptop on WFH like a little bitch.

Times like these show you how pathetic it all is. Pay > all else.


Hogan Lovells Partner

At least there aren’t any Irwin Mitchell snitches looking in when I relieve my stress at home.


Hogan Self-Lovells

Jackin’ for the Looooooooooooooord!


Corona Light

Great timing on this article. Totally relevant now we’re all working from home.


More relevant than most of LC articles. Your standards are too high.



I miss the canteen.

Cooking breakfast every day is a total waste of time. If the cooking wasn’t bad enough, you then have washing up to do. Then 3 hours or so later you have to repeat the faff at lunch. By dinner time I am sick of it and order food in. Lockdown is imminent. We will need to cook 3 times a day. This is not maintainable.

Quarantine inside the office? May be better than this mess.


Larry's school teacher

I thought schools will be closed from Monday. Why are you worried about office work, Larry?



Don’t you have a wife? Or a valet? Or a housekeeper?



Who do you think I am? Bill Gates?

My wife works.



She sure does. She works hard. On me.


Be useful

For once in its mediocre existence Legal Cheek can actually be useful if its “writers” could pull themselves away from pumping out what seems like an endless stream of inane articles. Perhaps use your contacts to get in touch with the SRA and law firms and try and piece together what the current Covid-19 outbreak might mean for LPC students, trainee solicitors, future trainees and vac scheme offer holders. Push the SRA and firms to issue statements so slowly, day by day, students in particular can get some clarity!

Be useful!


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