Virtual student event: What does COVID-19 mean for future lawyers?

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Monday 23 March at 4pm on Hopin

Had your spring vac scheme postponed? Hoping to secure a TC and unsure what the coronavirus crisis means for your chances? Or just interested to find out the latest insider information?

This Monday at 4pm we are hosting a free virtual event, where Legal Cheek editor Tom Connelly will be joined by LC features editor Aishah Hussain and LC events coordinator Micayla Colman (who has had her two spring vac schemes postponed) to discuss the crazy goings-on of the last week.

Also making an appearance will be Legal Cheek’s founder Alex Aldridge, who’ll explain how the current panic reminds him of the 2008 financial crisis and give his views on what all this means for future lawyers.

Date: Monday 23 March
Time: 4pm to 5pm
Location: Online
Level: Students, Graduates

The virtual event takes place on Hopin. Simply go to the event page and enter this password: legalcheek. Then take 30 seconds to fill out your short Hopin profile. You can join anytime from now — but the event won’t start until 4pm on Monday (23 March).

Look forward to seeing you there!



Great for litigators for the next 6 years. Stonking for family lawyers too. Corporate guys, not so much.



Legal Cheek authors writing something on a weekend. And I thought miracles could not happen.



If people don’t practice social distancing they’ll be potentially less of them


3.59pm and trying to get on to the webcast...

How can you have a limited number of places for this?


Alex Aldridge

Maximum 500 places



Hi! Will you be uploading this video at a later stage? Thank you



I too would really like to view this retrospectively please!


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