Vlogging junior lawyers react to virus pandemic

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Eve Cornwell shoots home office set-up while Chrissie Wolfe shares daily video ‘diary’ series

Eve Cornwell and Chrissie Wolfe (credit: YouTube)

Two legal YouTube stars are giving fans insights into how they’re coping with the crippling effects of the coronavirus.

Magic circle trainee solicitor Eve Cornwell dropped a new vlog yesterday after a month’s hiatus and it’s already had over 80,000 views. In the clip (below) the Linklaters rookie tells viewers she’s just completed her first seat in corporate M&A and is looking forward to starting her next one — albeit from home. “I’ve only just adapted to being able to work in an office and suddenly the offices are closed,” she says.

On Monday Boris Johnson brought in new social distancing measures encouraging the public to avoid “non-essential” contact and work from home where possible to curb the spread of the novel virus.

A medical mask-wearing Cornwell proceeds to vlog her way to the office via the (very empty) Northern Line in her pursuit to become “an agile worker”.

Cornwell can be seen dismantling her two desktop computers, loading them into a large crate before trolleying them to a black cab and back to her London flat. She then assembles her home office and tests it works by making a call.

“I hope that everyone watching is okay and that you’re all safe,” Cornwell says into the camera. “I know different countries have different governmental advice on what you should do. For example, in some countries, I know it wouldn’t have been possible for you to have made a last-minute dash out to a workplace like I did today.”

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Meanwhile, Irwin Michell associate Chrissie Wolfe is doing a video “diary” series this week in which she documents her daily legal exploits as Britain continues to battle the coronavirus crisis.

“Recently, in the last week I’ve really felt the effects hitting home a little bit more than they were previously. So I’ve decided to do a series of videos this week documenting what’s happening in the legal profession,” she begins in her first vlog.

In further vlogs the personal injury specialist details the effects of COVID-19 on her life as a litigator. Her team of 18 whittled down to just five with the rest working remotely in one example, and in another, she discusses some of the difficulties of working from home in litigation. “It’s not really feasible to be completely online. I’ve got hearings I need to file physical bundles for, I’ve got documents that I need to serve internationally by airmail, so not everything can be done digitally,” she says.

Wolfe told Legal Cheek she plans to film a vid of her working from home soon.

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Loyal LC Fan

We want more retention rate articles, stop posting about Eve!


Eve fan

Love her or loathe her, Eve is a legal megastar. Probably better known among law students than Lady Hale. Quite an achievement that, when you think about it.






Hello Eve/Eve’s friend/Eve’s family member

The word “megastar” is overused and not one that should be applied to someone like Eve.

It says a lot about the current crop of law students if they know who Eve is but don’t know who Lady Hale is.

Me thinks that the chances of those who don’t know who lady hale is but know Eve are unlikely to secure training contracts or pupillage. Imagine being asked to analyse a quote from the Supreme Court and saying as an answer: “I don’t know who that is but Eve said…” or quoting Eve in coursework. Nevertheless you could get props for commercial awareness I suppose.

These so called “megastars” should not be using such a pandemic to bolster their own fan base.


Self-isolating Trainee

I do agree with you Mark.

In addition to your comments, I would note that I am not a fan of Lady Hale being used as a yard stick for legal fame.

The Judiciary should not attract fame in the way she has.



“Wolfe told Legal Cheek she plans to film a vid of her working from home soon.”



What is even more unprecedented is that someone has actually responded to Legal Cheek’s request for comments.



Whilst I’ll be watching plenty of young ladies in taxis during this work from home period, it won’t be Eve.



If you know you know.



Goddamn. Eve is so trivial. I never thought lawyers were that boring in reality. I always assumed that was just their working persona. I was wrong.



Wolfe’s recent post: “Woo made the headlines again!” is particularly disappointing. Using a global pandemic as a platform to feed ones narcissism is, to my mind, pitiful.



Wish Eve would do a vlog from the empty food banks that she’s unlikely to have to resort to.

I’d be much more interested in that.



Or a cage fight with Wolfe. Ideally to the death.



I would fire anyone with brows like that.


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