Hand sanitiser, face masks and temperature testing — legal life post-lockdown

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City firms plan lawyers’ return

Law firms across the City are busy putting plans in place to ensure they can keep their lawyers safe and well when they eventually return to the office.

Hogan Lovells confirmed it is working with an independent senior clinician on a post-pandemic action plan, which features measures including physical distancing in the office, increased hygiene practices and flexible working options.

Susan Bright, managing partner of Hogan Lovells’ UK and Africa offices, said:

“In practice, we expect this to involve our people wearing masks in common areas, restricting the number of people using lifts simultaneously, providing significant quantities of hand sanitiser, physical distancing in meeting rooms, continued video and other electronic conferencing, and reducing the number of people in the office by implementing a rota system so you only come in certain days of the week.”

As lockdown measures across the UK slowly ease, the FT reports that Fieldfisher is putting together “COVID-19 packs” containing new office essentials such as face masks, hand sanitiser and desk wipes. It has also closed off 75% of desk space and will be controlling circulation routes with a one-way walking system.

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Michael Chissick, managing partner at Fieldfisher, said: “As a firm, we’re being proactive in how we respond to the easing of the lockdown, ensuring that we are prioritising our employees concerns for the safety and wellbeing of not only themselves but their families.”

He continued: “Therefore, we are planning the gradual re-opening of our offices by consulting with a health and safety team with representatives from all UK offices. We are starting with only 10% returning and gradually increasing this to 25%. This is voluntary and where people cannot work from home.”

Chissick also confirmed the firm will introduce “non-obligatory temperature testing” for employees.

Elsewhere, Baker McKenzie is considering dividing its workforce into groups that will take turns to work in the office, while Norton Rose Fulbright planned to supply staff with face masks to use in open-plan areas.

The FT report also reveals that a Law Society-led group featuring 14 top City players held a number of meetings (online, of course) to discuss office life in a post-pandemic world. The measures reportedly on the table include plastic shields in canteen areas, removal of desks and one-way systems in narrow corridors.

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Why go back? Working from home much better than commuting into an office and wearing face masks all day.



Depends if you can bill as much.


Showround @ Bakers

If you’d have asked me whether I’d have wanted to return to the office in March/April I’d have said yes immediately. Now it depends how the commute will be and whether the homies will be back in the office too. There’s no way I’m queuing an hour just to hop on a tube.


Bob and his Bycicle

Hop on a bike then you putz


Showround @ Bakers

Bikes are for low IQ plebs like yourself. Now back to playing with yourself, lil Bobby.


Bob and his Bycicle

Sorry master!



And angry generation x twats.


Showround @ Bakers

I’m too lazy for that.



I find it much easier to wfh. You can start earlier and work later – working around family/leisure time. I also find my concentration is better because I’m less distracted by colleagues. And I’m less tired/grumpy because I’m not spending an hour a day commuting.

The only reason we NEED to go back is to meet with clients – but most of our clients are going to be socially distancing/not travelling to the UK (most clients are overseas) so that won’t be happening. I doubt it’ll be back to normal before December.


John Rees

Channel Healthcare have developed a SMART DISPENSER for soap,and Sanitiser.
A dispenser placed outside an office. When used by someone about to enter, a small green light comes on both sides of the office door, so anyone inside knows.
If you don’t use the dispenser, then a red light comes on.
Similarly for toilets. If you don’t wash your hands, a red comes on outside the toilet door, so everyone will know .
Fact : only one in five people wash their hands after using the toilet.



Fact: only the lower social classes use the word “toilet”.



True The Upper social classes have no need for one, they merely pay the Lower social classes to go for them.

That’s why so many of them are so full of …….


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