Video: Legal life before and after COVID-19

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From City law to social distancing


Legal life before corona – two weeks later – now 😷😷😷

Posted by Legal Cheek on Monday, 30 March 2020

As COVID-19 continues to send shockwaves through the global economy, the legal market faces unprecedented challenges and uncertainty ahead.

Yet, while the UK grapples with a nation-wide corona-lockdown, resilient lawyers are seizing the opportunity to embrace agile working from home (and the technology which enables it) in an attempt to keep calm and carry on.

In a video, premiered at the Virtual Legal Cheek Awards 2020, we take a look at legal life before coronavirus, life two weeks later, and life now.

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This video was recorded in early March and prior to the lockdown.

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Quite irresponsible going out to film that. Clearly filmed during the lockdown period. You are not a key worker. You are not even a key worker for Legal Cheek. Get yourself furloughed immediately.


Father Ted

“This video was recorded in early March and prior to the lockdown”



I really struggle to believe this. I would like to see evidence of the time stamps for the original recordings.



Gtfo you fruitcake



This is a really sad attempt at being ‘down with the kids.’

Get off TikTok, you absolute boomers.


Had enough

Just… awful. What possesses people to do this crap? And who actually likes it? Shocking music. Uncreative dribble. Anyone over 17 using TikTok needs to get their heads checked. Grow up. Rant over.



Ok boomer


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