Ban for rookie solicitor who ‘falsified’ LPC certificate to dupe regulator

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Kulvinder Kooner was applying to be added to the roll

A trainee solicitor who attempted to trick the regulator with a “falsified” Legal Practice Course (LPC) certificate has been barred from working in the profession.

Kulvinder Kooner, a rookie at Surrey outfit Preuveneers at the time, sent the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) a copy of his LPC certificate as part of his application to be admitted to the roll, according to a regulatory settlement agreement published on Friday.

But the agreement reveals Kooner had “falsified” the certificate and had not passed the LPC — a necessary requirement before someone becomes a solicitor.

In June 2019, the regulator asked the young trainee to supply a clearer copy of the certificate because the one he had already provided was of poor quality. Kooner did not respond to this request.

Several days later, Kooner is said to have emailed the SRA withdrawing his application stating that he no longer wished to pursue a career as a solicitor.

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That same day, Preuveneers contacted the regulator to report that Kooner had admitted that he had falsified the certificate.

He has now been hit with a section 43 order, which prevents him from working in a law firm without prior permission from the SRA. He must also pay the regulator’s cost of £300.

In a statement, Preuveneers said: “Mr Kooner joined the firm as a paralegal and confirmed to us that he passed the LPC and provided us with the transcript. He applied to become a trainee solicitor which was approved by the Law Society.”

They continued:

“As soon as we become aware of the situation, Mr Kooner’s employment was immediately terminated and we contacted the SRA on the same day. We have fully cooperated with the Law Society in their investigation.”

In mitigation, the SRA acknowledged that Kooner had apologised and expressed remorse for his conduct.

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Harvinder B.

“Surrey outfit Preuveneers“

Anybody know what their NQ whack is? Do they pay phat US Cravath dolla?


Lord Legalus of Cheekus

Toppest of the top! Almost on par with SPB.


Socrates the Second

There is a fine line between brass balls and a hollow head.



And this resourceful fellow clearly has titanic testes hewn from the finest mithril.

Mr Kooner has already been head-hunted* by Greenberg Glusker LLP’s world-leading document review department (ranked 3rd in the Welsh Marches by Legal 500 2007 edition). There, he will join a top, top team of titans tasked with determining the authenticity of documents from the Turin Shroud to the Epstein suicide note.

*Free Lambo on qualification. Terms and conditions apply.



Yawn. Can we not have new memes?



Surely it’s time to dust off Lord Harley?


GG Top of Equity

Not if Greenberg Glusker have anything to say about it!

Alan B

I never went away


Oh Sally you can be so inappropriate. Just look him up on social media and ask him directly.


Oh dear

Hilarious that he thought the SRA wouldn’t check and that everyone else he worked with faked their LPC certificate too.


Showround @ Bakers

It’s probably because of fees but imagine if he had done this because he wasn’t smart enough to pass the LPC….


CMS Trainee

NRF will end up like Preuveneers soon enough if they aren’t careful



You’re one to talk


CMS Trainee

NRF gimped worried he’s going from four working days a week to three. Only a matter of time before you’re on Camden high street


Wenny Parne

Get back in your kennel, dog.



I’m sure my dentist offered me Preuveneers in my last checkup



£300 is nothing for the rookie solicitor



Why have these comments been taken over by trolls???? Absolutely zero creativity or sense.

Get back to your virtual vac schemes and legal vlogs.


Kirkland NQ

What trolls are you on about?

Anyway should leave this thread as its illegal to type whilst driving a Lambo, smashing a PE deal, and pleasuring my model girlfriend all at once.



You should probably spend less time on VR adult streaming sites/mine craft and more time worrying about the inevitable unemployment boom that is on the way.


"even more adulter"

Ok boomer



Struck a nerve? It’ll be ok…perhaps you can qualify via equivalent means?

Dumb AF

Should’ve stayed a paralegal just waited for the SQE to rollout. Child’s play apparently:



So he must have been getting work done and to the standard required for the firm not to suspect anything earlier. It’s a shame if he put some effort in he could have passed the LPC or looked at an alternative method of qualification to become a Solicitor.


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